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Mini Boozy Watermelon

Add some buzz to your next summer party with these cute and boozy mini watermelons!

What You'll Need

Mini booze bottles
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Trace circles onto the watermelon using the cap of mini liquor bottles
Cut out the circles using a small knife
Stick the mini bottles into the watermelon
Refrigerate the watermelon overnight or until all liquor is absorbed
Remove the empty bottles
Slice the watermelon before serving
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More About This Drink

MINI BOOZY WATERMELON Mini Watermelon Mini Booze Bottles PREPARATION 1. Using the cap of the mini liquor bottles, trace circles onto the watermelon and use a small knife to cut them out. 2. Stick mini bottles into watermelon and refrigerate overnight or until all liquor is absorbed. 3. Remove empty bottles and slice the watermelon before serving. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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