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Night Night Daddy Shots

Surprise dad with a fiery kick and sweet taste with Night Night Daddy Shots, the ultimate Father's Day shooter!

What You'll Need

Melon liqueur
Green food coloring
Bacardi 151


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Carefully layer each liqueur using a bar spoon
Light the top layer using a match or lighter
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More About This Drink

Need a perfect Father's Day shooter recipe? Then check out these Night Night Daddy Shots, people! These wild melon liqueur shots mix up Jägermeister, Sour Apple Pucker, melon liqueur, raspberry vodka, lemon lime soda, and Bacardi 151, and are just as beautiful as they are potent. NIGHT NIGHT DADDY SHOTS First Layer: Melon Liqueur Second Layer: Jagermeister Sour Apple Pucker Third Layer: Raspberry Vodka Lemon Lime Soda Green Food Coloring Fourth Layer: Bacardi 151 PREPARATION 1. Carefully layer each liqueur using a bar spoon. Light the top layer using a match or lighter. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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