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Patty Bomb

This explosive Patty Bomb cocktail will energize your taste buds with a mix of Blue Curacao, Orange Liqueur, and Energy Drink.

What You'll Need

Blue curacao
Energy drink
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Made Entirely In Canada


Pint Glass


Add blue curacao to one shot glass
Add orange liqueur to another shot glass
Pour energy drink halfway into a pint glass
Rest shot glasses on the mouth of pint glass
Pull one shot glass to shoot and enjoy!
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More About This Drink

PATTY BOMB Blue Curacao Orange Liqueur Energy Drink PREPARATION 1. Add blue curacao to one shot glass and orange liqueur to another. Pour energy drink halfway into pint glass. 2. Rest shot glasses on mouth of pint glass and pull one to shoot. DRINK RESPONSIBLY! (User Submitted by Kathymae @

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