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Peep Shots

Hop into Easter with these colorful and fun Peep Shots, infused with candy-flavored vodka and garnished with colored sugar!

What You'll Need



Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Fill a mason jar with peeps and vodka to create peep vodkas
Shake the jar periodically until infused
Strain the vodka to remove excess candy
Set the vodka aside
Rim shot glasses with colored sugar
Strain corresponding peep vodka into the shot glasses
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More About This Drink

Prepare yourselves for these Peep Shots, people, because they are powerful. These simple Easter shots combine vodka and Peeps, and are garnished with some colored sugar for even more candy dessert cocktail amazingness. They're especially perfect for letting loose even after you've filled up on all those delicious, creamy Easter drinks. These fun and colorful Easter shots will have you feeling risen in no time. But if you just can't get enough of Easter cocktails, check out some of our other Easter drink recipes: Easter Creamsicle Fishbowl, Easter Egg Cocktail, Creme Egg Cocktail, Boozy Easter Bunnies, and Peeps Jello Shots. PEEP SHOTS Vodka Garnish: Peeps/Colored Sugar 1. Create peep vodkas by filling a mason jar or similar container with peeps and pouring over vodka. Shake periodically until infused. Strain to remove excess candy. Set aside. 2. Rim edge of shot glasses in colored sugar and strain corresponding peep vodka inside. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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