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Pickleback Shot

Calling all pickle fans! Try the legendary Pickleback Shot — a surprising mix of whiskey, pickle juice, and garnished with a pickle slice.

What You'll Need

Irish whiskey
1 shot
Pickle juice
1 shot


Shot Glass


Fill one shot glass with whiskey
Fill another shot glass with pickle juice
Add ice to both glasses
Garnish the pickle shot with a slice of pickle
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More About This Drink

Here's the classic Pickleback Shot — the legendary shooter that's perfect for all you pickle lovers out there. This delicious pickle-flavored cocktail mixes up whiskey, pickle juice, and pickle slices, and will honestly wow you with its surprisingly wide range of flavors. PICKLEBACK SHOT 1 Shot Irish Whiskey 1 Shot Pickle Juice Garnish: Pickle Slice PREPARATION 1. Fill one shot glass with whiskey and another with pickle juice. 2. Garnish the pickle shot with a slice of pickle. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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