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Sweet Heart Jello Shots

These Sweet Heart Jello Shots are a colorful way to spread love with a brush and a shot.

What You'll Need

Coconut rum
4 oz
Hot water
4 oz
Plain gelatin
1 pack
Condensed milk
0.5 can
Food coloring


Basic Bar Tools
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More About This Drink

SWEET HEART JELLO SHOTS 4 oz. (120ml) Coconut Rum 4 oz. (120ml) Hot Water 1 Packet Plain Gelatin 1/2 Can Condensed Milk Food Coloring Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter/Baking Mold Fine Paint Brush 1. Add gelatin to hot water and allow to bloom. Add condensed milk, stir to combine and allow to cool. 2. Once mixture is cool, add coconut rum. Add food coloring and stir once more. 3. Use nonstick spray on mold or baking sheet and pour in the mix. Refrigerate until hardened. 4. Once set either pop jello shots out of mold or use cookie cutter to cut shapes from baking sheet. 5. Use a small paintbrush to write love notes on jello shots. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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