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The Skull Eyeball Cocktail

Get ready to spook your guests this Halloween with the Skull Eyeball Cocktail, complete with blueberry eyeballs and smoking dry ice!

What You'll Need

Gummy life savers
Corn syrup
Food coloring
Citrus vodka
1 oz
Tonic water
1 oz
Blue curaçao
1 splash
Lemonade (optional)
1 splash


Basic Bar Tools


Create 'eyeballs' with blueberries and lifesavers in spherical ice molds with tonic water and freeze
Make 'blood' rim for the glass by combining corn syrup and red food coloring
Combine citrus vodka, tonic water, blue curaçao, and lemonade in a shaking glass with ice
Shake well and strain into the rimmed glass
Drop in dry ice and ice eyeballs
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More About This Drink

People, Halloween cocktails don't come any crazier than this Skull Eyeball Cocktail, trust us. This incredible scary Halloween cocktail mixes up citrus vodka, lemonade, and a bunch of other delicious ingredients, and looks extra evil with its smoking dry ice head. THE SKULL EYEBALL COCKTAIL Eyeballs: Blueberries Gummy Life Savers Tonic Water Blood: Corn Syrup Red Food Coloring Blue Cocktail 1 oz. (30ml) Citrus Vodka 1 oz. (30ml) Tonic Water Splash Blue curaçao Splash Lemonade (optional) PREPARATION 1. Create "eyeballs" by placing a blueberry in a lifesaver and placing it into a spherical ice mold with tonic water. Freeze until hardened. 2. Create the blood by combining corn syrup and red food coloring and use it to rim a skull shaped glass. 3. In a shaking glass with ice, combine citrus vodka, tonic water, a splash of blue curaçao, and a splash of lemonade. Shake well and strain into the rimmed glass. 4. Drop in a piece of dry ice and the ice eyeballs. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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