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Orange Layer:
2 oz. (60ml) Tangerine Sour Punchies infused Vodka
1 oz. (30ml) Pineapple Juice
Juice of half an orange

Blue Layer:
2 oz. (60ml) Blue Raspberry Sour Punchies infused Rum
1 oz. (30ml) Blue Curaçao
1 oz. (30ml) Sweet & Sour
1 Kiwi

1. In an empty bottle, place tangerine sour punch candy and vodka. Shake and let sit for a few hours.
2. In a separate bottle, place blue raspberry sour punch punchies and rum. Shake and let sit for a few hours.
3. In a shaking glass with ice, combine tangerine sour punch candy infused vodka, pineapple juice, and juice from one orange half. Shake well.
4. Build a glass using ice and orange slices and strain mix over, filling about halfway. Set aside.
5. In a blender, combine blue raspberry sour punchies infused rum, blue curaçao, sweet & sour, and one kiwi. Blend thoroughly until smooth. 
6. Pour the blended mix over the first one and garnish with kiwi slices.

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