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Oreo Drinks
Oreo Drinks

Get ready to party with milk’s favorite cookie! We’ve taken two things you love and blended them up in blissfully boozy Oreo drinks! Whether you’re a dedicated Oreo fan or chocolate obsessed, Tipsy Bartender has the candy cocktails you crave. So let’s shake, shake, shake and get this show on the road, homeboy!

Everybody loves Oreos. When you pair them with milk, they’re even better. Of course the natural progression would be to blend them into an Oreo milkshake, and Tipsy Bartender has taken that another step further. Take delight in our Adult Oreo Shake. This wild whipped cream vodka mixed drink combines vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, chocolate vodka, and whipped cream. It might be the most classic Oreo cocktail recipe out there. For a little fancier Oreo cookie cocktail, check out our recipe for our Cookies & Creamtini. This textured bad boy combines chocolate vodka, whipped cream vodka, half and half, and Oreo pudding for a fancy dessert drink.

Maybe you’re looking to scale down your Oreo experience with some shots and shooters. Turn your attention toward our recipe for our Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots because these guys are as delicious as they are fun to eat. These little thick and creamy Oreo drink pudding shots combine vodka, white chocolate liqueur, milk, and Oreo pudding for little chocolaty, boozy treats you’ll remember forever. For some shooters you can throw back, check out our Cookies and Cream Shooters recipe. These incredibly tasty shooters combine chocolate vodka, white chocolate liqueur, vanilla ice cream, and Oreos. They’re so good they’re addictive.


I know these are drink recipes, but what if I just want boozy Oreos?

So glad you asked! Here at Tipsy Bartender, the sky is the limit, and we’ve got you covered for all your boozy Oreo needs. Go on and peep our Drunken Oreo Cookies recipe where we show you how to spike the creamy filling with vodka. We promise you won’t be disappointed, homeboy.


Adult Oreo Shake

This Adult Oreo Shake is one of those delicious Oreo cocktail desserts that you'll want to have at least a few times a month.


Oreo Cookie Martini

This Oreo Cookie Martini is full of chocolate, vodka, and of course, a bunch of Oreo goodness.


Cookies & Creamtini

Mini Oreos and chocolate combine in this Cookies & Creamtini for one of the tastiest dessert cocktails ever.


Drunken Oreo Madness

People looking to go mad with tipsy deliciousness need to check out this Drunken Oreo Madness cocktail.


Oreo and Irish Cream Shake

You're looking at this Oreo and Irish Cream Shake and you're already going crazy over all this deliciousness, right?


Kahlúa Oreo Milkshake

Prepare to have your mind blown by deliciousness with this Kahlúa Oreo Milkshake.


Bailey’s Koko

Hallelujah, people!


Drunken Oreo Cookies

If you love Oreo cookies and getting tipsy, we promise you'll have your mind blown by these Drunken Oreo Cookies.


Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots

Try to eat these Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots slowly and you will fail — they're just too delicious.


Cookies and Cream Shooters

Up your dessert cocktail game with these Cookies and Cream Shooters and everybody who tastes them will fall in love with you.


Deez Nuts for President Fishbowl

The Deez Nuts for President Fishbowl is honestly one of the most ridiculous dessert cocktails ever made.


Cookies n’ Creamtini

One look at this Cookies n' Creamtini and you'll be begging to gulp it down.