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It’s time to get fresh and freaky with vodka and orange juice! If you’re looking for an anytime cocktail, you’ve certainly found it because screwdriver drinks are perfect for your next blackout brunch or a night on the town. Whether you’re looking for a classic screwdriver recipe or a screwdriver cocktail that’ll blow your mind, Tipsy Bartender has the juice, and it’s up to you to let it loose.


Heck yeah! A two ingredient vodka cocktail?? It’s too good to be true!

Oh, but it is true, homeboy! You better believe that the screwdriver recipe is that easy. But if you’re craving a little more than the classic screwdriver cocktail of vodka and orange juice, we do have a few sexy spins. Let’s not get too wild just yet, so we’ll start off with our Frozen Screwdriver recipe. This frozen screwdriver drink is perfect for chillin’ poolside or cooling down during summertime. It takes a little prep, but it’s well worth it. Just blend your vodka and orange juice cubes, and BANG! There you have it! And for y’all that are itching for a third ingredient, try whipping up a batch of Screwdriver Jello Shots for your next party. These little screwdriver cocktail jello shots take your classic screwdriver ingredients and add gelatin.


This is super easy! I’m into it! But do you have any more complicated screwdriver recipes?

Homeboy, you can only complicate this two ingredient vodka and orange juice cocktail so much. But yes, yes we do. If you’re a Dr. Who fan, you’ll love our Sonic Screwdriver recipe. It combines vodka, blue curacao, blue raspberry mix, and orange juice. The color looks as dope as it tastes. And if you’re feelin’ frisky, try a Slow Comfortable Screw. Vodka, sloe gin, Southern Comfort, and orange juice make for a screwdriver cocktail you won’t forget. 



Here's another super easy, super tasty highball.


Harvey Wallbanger

This classic Harvey Wallbanger cocktail recipe is pretty delicious and simple, and we’re going to dive into its history a bit below.


Vitamin C Bomb Shot


Screwdriver Shots


Frozen Screwdriver


Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver


Slow Comfortable Screw


Power Drill


Screwdriver Jello Shots


Caribbean Screwdriver

Sweet island sunshine, this Caribbean Screwdriver is magical.


Black Magic Screwdriver

Test your aptitude for the dark arts of mixology with this Black Magic Screwdriver.


Bloody Screwdriver

The Bloody Screwdriver is one of those Halloween vodka drinks that everybody will enjoy.