Whiskey is super popular right now, and although we're not sure why — best guess is Ron Swanson — it still seems like a big part of drinking culture that's worth knowing. So to brush up on your whiskey knowledge, here are 10 simple tips that'll help you understand how to order whiskey, how to drink whiskey, and most importantly, how to pick the right whiskey for you. 
1. The bare-bones breakdown of how to order whiskey.  2. The essential points of what whiskey is. (These steps vary in time and method depending on whiskey type.)  3. Simple definition of the terms you see on whiskey bottles.  4. More in-depth breakdown of whiskey terms, especially Bourbon.  5. Some cultural do's and don'ts of being a whiskey connoisseur. (Ignore the part about this being a guide for "discerning gentlemen" — everybody discerns, damn it!)  6. Amount of water you should add to release a whiskey's flavor. (Aim for 35-50% ABV.)    7. Some basic whiskey cocktails you can make.  8. Some less-basic whiskey cocktails you can make.  9. Which brands make which types of whiskies. 
Graphic showing which company owns each whiskey brand
10. If you're in the U.S., this is where the whiskey distilleries are. So do you feel like a connoisseur now, or do you still need to majorly brush up on your whiskey knowledge? Either way, enjoy the whiskey cocktails below with your new refined palate!  https://www.youtube.com/embed/mST_o5gJISs See recipe https://www.youtube.com/embed/nKE7L4vjbtY See recipe

Featured image: Distilld Community 

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