11 Sexy Drinks to Heat Up Your Spring Break!

Written by Rebecca Whitney

March 23, 2021

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Spring Break is in full swing, and you know what that means – spring flings, hot nights on the dancefloor, and sexy cocktails to get the party started! If you’re swiping left and right in search of a hookup, these daring Spring Break drinks will definitely get you in the mood. And with so many sexy drinks to choose from, you and your partner can have a wildly different date night every day of the week!

There’s nothing sweeter than the moment you and your partner share your first kiss, as represented by this Kiss on the Lips cocktail. There’s blushing, a rush of sweetness, and tingly feelings in your loins — and that’s just from the cocktail! View Recipe

It’s time to mix in a little European enthusiasm with the French Kiss (Shot). This beautiful little whipped cream-topped shooter has many layers, just as the perfect tongue joust has many lusty thrusts and parries. View Recipe

Feelin’ a little Drunk in Love? Whether you’re already tipsy or not, we guarantee you’ll fall head over heels for this daring champagne cocktail! View Recipe

Twerk it up on the dancefloor, in your living room, or just about anywhere – we don’t judge! Wherever you decide to shake it up, make sure you’ve got this adorable whiskey cocktail in hand to keep you refreshed. View Recipe

Now it’s time for something really playful in your mouth — Buttery Nipple Shots. These shooters are topped with whipped cream, but not a lot, so you may have some extra in the can for zesty, squirt teasing. View Recipe

…do we really need to explain this one? Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the famous blowjob shot, this chocolate cherry twist is just as delicious as the original! View Recipe

It’s Spring Break, and the weather is heating up, which means plenty of beach days ahead! This classic creamy drink is perfect for anyone who needs to cool off on a sandy shore somewhere. View Recipe

Can you really have a sexy Spring Break drink list and NOT include the WAP shot? This refreshing little vodka, gin, and rum number will have you feeling frisky in no time. View Recipe

Now it’s time to “watch a movie” with a Netflix & Chill cocktail. This gigantic bowl of peach vodka and Hennessy is supercharged with Four Loko, ’cause nothing says romance like a television and a giant energy drink. View Recipe

Hallelujah, praise oxytocin! Your night has just hit its climax with The Screaming Orgasm, and if this decadent dessert drink describes where your night is at this point, friends, all we can say is that you’ve made it to the promised land. View Recipe

Finally, we end our sexy Spring Break drink list with a tribute to love of all kinds – especially down under. Whether you’re searching for a spring fling or a soulmate, you’ll definitely enjoy this tropical vodka drink along the way. View Recipe