13 Kick-Ass Cocktails to Celebrate Being Single

Written by Rebecca Whitney

February 8, 2021

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Like it or not, Singles Awareness Day (AKA Valentine’s Day) is coming up fast. Whether you’re broken-hearted or a proud single pringle, we’ve got plenty of singles cocktails to help you forget about your troubles in love.

You ain’t no hollaback girl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink like one! With banana liqueur, banana foam, and bruleed banana slices, Gwen Stefani would say this drink is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. View Recipe

When you’re hot as hell and you know it, this is the perfect slush to cool off. All you need is cherry vodka, Goldschläger, and grenadine, with red sugar and a candy heart as a garnish. View Recipe

These powerful Moscato shots just prove what you already knew: when you get your squad together, nothing can stop you… not even Mojo Jojo. View Recipe

If you’re more of a “no-strings-attached” kind of person, this is the drink for you. Mix together Aperol, vodka, tequila, peach puree, and sweet and sour, and you’ll have yourself the perfect non-committal cocktail. View Recipe

Love is messy no matter how you slice it, but at least with these shots, it’s a little more delicious. Layer grenadine, tequila rose, Irish cream, and whipped cream for a cute shot that won’t break your heart or your budget. View Recipe

Spill the tea all you like, just don’t spill this tasty tea-flavored martini. With cognac, champagne, egg whites, and earl grey syrup, this classy cocktail will have you gossiping more than Lady Whistledown. View Recipe

Revenge is a dish best served cold… and garnished with a strawberry. Peach Schnapps, watermelon pucker, and Sweet Revenge whiskey balance each other out perfectly in this scrumptious sweet and sour shot. View Recipe

After all you’ve been through, it’s about damn time you treated yourself to some Me Time. This classy little number involves cognac, Torani Amer, sweet and sour, mint, and a bit of salt. View Recipe

With whiskey, Amaro, blueberry syrup, and the sweetest garnish you’ll ever see, the Whistle While You Twerk is guaranteed to get you in a dancing mood. View Recipe

All the single ladies, put your cups up! With red wine, cognac, orange juice, lemon juice, and lime juice, this sweet sangria has just the right balance of citrus and liquor. View Recipe

With Bergamot-scented fog and Moroccan-Mint-tea-infused vodka, this incredible cocktail is like an entire spa day in a glass. Sit back, relax, and enjoy every sip! View Recipe

Don’t let love make you blue – twist the story in your favor with this fruity sangria, made with white wine, blue curacao, and lemon-lime soda! View Recipe

Finally, the most relatable of all the singles cocktails. Because let’s face it – we’re all a bit of a mess these days. Raise a glass to your perfectly imperfect self with this pineapple-melon-champagne disaster of a drink. View Recipe