14 Rockin’ Cocktails to Sip During the Grammys!

Written by Erin Alkire

March 9, 2021

Do you know what time is just around the corner? That’s right — Grammys time. Despite social distancing and a lack of live shows last year, the 2021 Grammy Awards are sure to be as entertaining as ever. Huge stars like BTS, Taylor Swift, Megan Thee Stallion and Harry Styles are to perform. The Grammy nominations are in and we’ve created a list of drinks inspired by performers, hosts and nominees. Here are 14 drinks to get you properly buzzed as you watch one of the best award shows of the year.

Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé, is up for a whopping nine Grammys, more than any other artist this year. It’s for her newest song, Black Parade, but we’re throwing it back to Lemonade because we can. This inspired drink stars orange vodka, peach schnapps and lemonade. It’s topped with ignited Bacardi 151 for a performance almost as exhilarating as hers. Then, since she always carries hot sauce in her bag, a dash of tabasco is included to round out this fierce cocktail. View Recipe

The Folklore superstar, Taylor Swift, has said her favorite adult beverage is simply Diet Coke and vodka. (We love how down to earth she is.) We’re taking her favorite one step further with an infused vanilla vodka. Just add this sweet concoction to a favorite cola for an instant cocktail. View Recipe

Fiona Apple’s single “Shameika” is up for Best Rock Performance, and we’re just glad to still be graced with her music after all these years. For Fiona, we’ve got the Green Apple Martini, a pucker-worthy yet sweet beverage that is vodka-forward. View Recipe

Dua Lipa was born in London, and to honor this talented Brit, we’re throwing in a classic English cocktail that is almost as elegant as she is. The Black Velvet is a mix of Guinness stout (or any darker lager you’ve got in the fridge) and sparkling wine, like champagne. View Recipe

In interviews, indie icon Phoebe Bridgers has admitted to being a lightweight but liking rosè. This sangria makes enough for a party, is fizzy, sweet, delicious — and beautifully complex just like Phoebe. View Recipe

Comedian and Bostonian Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger is nominated for Best Comedy Album, and he’s got quite a few interesting stories to tell, like the time he had four White Russians while on a plane to Hawaii. This Grammy Awards season, taste this creamy classic yourself while enjoying the show. View Recipe

To celebrate the energetic and Grammy-nominated Rockstar album by DaBaby featuring Roddy Ricch, we bring you Kinky Rockstars. It’s everything a great party needs: vodka, kinky blue liqueur, lemon lime soda and rock candy. View Recipe

In the video for “Say So,” Doja Cat drinks an orange pitcher of something straight out of a 1970’s psychedelic fever dream. We like to think it’s an Orange Creamsicle — a delicious blend of orange soda, vanilla vodka, orange vodka, whipped cream and orange sprinkles. View Recipe

Grammy winner Billie Eilish may be too young to indulge in an alcoholic beverage (and is too cool to even need to), but we’re including the Green Gummy Bear Shot in honor of this green-haired goddess. This fun shot gets its color and flavor from neon green melon liqueur. View Recipe

In honor of Black Pumas’ song, “Color,” being nominated for Record of the Year, we bring you these super-colorful tequila shots. These are easy to make and deliciously boozy.  View Recipe

Reminiscent of Beck’s first album, Mellow Gold, this gold beverage is just as refreshing as every new album he puts out. In honor of his impressive history with indie rock, psychedelic guitar riffs and all-around great singles, we bring you the Golden Dream. We love how simply yet sweet, tangy and well-rounded this drink is.  View Recipe

The hit “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Beyoncé is also up for Record of the Year. Rumor is Megan Thee Stallion likes tequila, so we’re using its smoky, mysterious cousin, mezcal, for this gorgeous cocktail. Blueberries, peach raspberry grand marnier and lemon juice balances out this drink that’s sure to be a hit in your living room. View Recipe

Post Malone has a partnership with Budweiser and an undying love for beer pong. We love a good cocktail that includes a classic beer, so we’re honoring Post Malone with the Supercharged Shandy. It’s the perfect balance of vodka, Budweiser beer and Lemon Fanta. Garnish with a lemon wheel if you want. Post probably wouldn’t. View Recipe

We’ve got to give a nod to our talented, beautiful and soulful host, Jhené Aiko. One of our favorite songs of hers is from her album Souled Out called “Blue Dream.” This fruity drink is everything that song is: moody and blue with Blue Curaçao, sweet with Malibu Coconut Rum, tangy with pineapple juice, and sensual with a cherry garnish. View Recipe