16 Tasty Tequila Drinks With Only 3 Ingredients

Written by Erin Alkire

January 20, 2021

We love tequila as much as the next booze lover, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of margaritas and basic tequila shots. But fear not: We’re here to shock your taste buds and have you incorporating your favorite spirit into more at-home cocktails. If you’ve ever wondered what to mix with tequila, this list of tequila-based beverages is just for you. Check out 16 recipes for easy tequila drinks that have just 3 ingredients.

This easy tequila drink will transport you to a relaxing beach vacation in one sip. It’s sweet (and hydrating!) thanks to the coconut water, tangy from the pineapple and, of course, boozy. View Recipe

Here’s a fruity take on the classic tequila sunrise. Strawberry puree instead of grenadine adds an earthy sweetness we can’t get enough of. Bonus points if you make your strawberry puree fresh yourself. View Recipe

We love that the addition of fresh-squeezed grapefruit gives this tequila cocktail a tangy punch. View Recipe

We couldn’t get through this list without bringing up the tequila sunrise. Refreshing, sweet, tangy — you just can’t go wrong with this simple, fast and oh-so easy cocktail. View Recipe

This spin on the margarita has been around for a few decades, so maybe you’ve had it before. It was first shaken up in 1990 San Francisco by Julio Bermejo at his familys restaurant called Tommy’s. We love a drink with a little history. But have you ever made your own? Today’s the day. View Recipe

We can’t say enough good things about a paloma; it’s an all-time favorite. You’ll want to keep grapefruit soda on-hand at all times after trying this essential tequila drink. View Recipe

If you love the classy French 75, you’ve got to try this tequila-driven fresh take. We love that this drink feels celebratory. Cheers! View Recipe

One way to upgrade a tequila sunrise is to make it icy. It takes less prep than you think: Simply freeze orange juice into ice cubes trays in the morning, and by sunset, you’ll have icy OJ. Blend up your juice cubes, pour the smooth slush over tequila, add some grenadine, splash in some more orange juice, and voila. View Recipe

Here’s another slushy treat, reminiscent of a frozen margarita you’d get on a hot summer day. We recommend sunny-weather beverages in the wintertime because why not? This drink requires a bit of prep with freezing beer and tequila, but it’s totally worth it. View Recipe

Once you start infusing things in your liquor, you won’t be able to stop — trust us. This infusion takes a childhood favorite, sweet and sour Jolly Ranchers, and tequila-fies it. Use this sweet concoction as a shooter or as a base in a colorful cocktail. View Recipe

Here’s another infusion for folks with daring taste buds. Some people say, “Variety is the spice of life,” but we think this infused jalapeño tequila is the true spice of life. We love this as a base for a margarita or paloma. View Recipe

Here’s another spicy one, a quick shot packed full of heat and tequila goodness. Plus, you can eat your shotglass after! We highly recommend making these to shoot as you cook on Taco Tuesday. View Recipe

Just like its name lends, this shot is totally craveable, thanks to its perfect balance of sweet and spicy. We like this tequila shot so much, sometimes we make it fit for a pint glass. View Recipe

This spicy treat reminiscent of goodies you’d get at the gas station begins with infusing 

CHEETOS® (we highly recommend the Crunchy FLAMIN’ HOT® variety because of the heat), into tequila, pouring into a shot glass, and garnishing with a lime slice. Yep, we went there. View Recipe

Gold tequila, raspberry syrup and tabasco hot sauce, layered gorgeously in a shot glass, ready to make your mouth anything but mad. Need we say more? View Recipe

Last but certainly not least, here’s the tequila staple but in shot form. We love how the layered colors make this drink look fancy and difficult to make, but this easy tequila shooter is only tequila, orange juice and grenadine. View Recipe