23 Drinks To Get You Wine Drunk On National Wine Day

Written by Lauren Ballard

May 20, 2021

Got any grapes? Unlike the lemonade stand, we sure do! And how better to celebrate National Wine Day this fine May 25th than with our favorite fermented fruit? So whether you’re a bonafide sommelier, waspy wine mom, or just want an excuse to get f*cked up, we have 23 wine cocktails to get you wine drunk this National Drink Wine Day.

If you’re a fan of mulled or spiced wine, then you’ll love this chilled summertime version. Like its name suggests, this red wine cocktail pitcher is packing a not-so-secret ingredient: Fireball! View Recipe

This National Wine Day recipe is for our friends that like to get funky fresh. This refreshing gin and white wine sangria recipe adds honeydew melon balls, cucumber slices, and fresh mint for a sexified taste of summer. View Recipe

Have the best of both worlds with this wild brunch recipe. It blends up the craziest rum and peach schnapps bellini you’ll ever see and tops that sexy bad boy with your favorite sangria or red wine. View Recipe

Of course you can still enjoy a great margarita on National Drink Wine Day! This is Tipsy Bartender, so we make the impossible happen, homeboy. Enjoy this easy margarita recipe with sexy and delicious layered red wine. View Recipe

Cool down with a nice tall glass of Iced Tea Sangria. This sweet and peachy summertime sangria is serving up a slice of Southern hospitality with actual iced tea, white wine, honey syrup, and all the fruity fixings. View Recipe

We all know wine and chocolates are the OG sexy combo, so we’re bringing you this perfect pairing to get your freak on for National Wine Day. It’s as easy as blending your favorite red wine and chocolate ice cream! View Recipe

If these sexified wine cocktails have you feeling hot and heavy, cool off with a peachy moscato slush or a few. This frozen wine cocktail blends up frozen peaches and gets an extra boozy punch of strawberry vodka. View Recipe

You can’t celebrate National Drink Wine Day without our wine spritzer recipe. This super aesthetic version of the OG spritzer is #instagramworthy with its colorful fruit cubes in white wine and club soda. View Recipe

This crazy mixology wine cocktail truly is something for everyone because it shakes up whiskey, fruit puree, and lemon juice. Top that beautiful bad boy with red wine and further sexify with a mixed fruit skewer.  View Recipe

Peep this sangria recipe that even your super picky pals will love. You’ll feel fancy muddling strawberries, but with just peach vodka, pineapple juice, and white wine, it’s one of the easiest wine cocktail recipes to remember. View Recipe

Take your wine and cheese pairing literally with these super fun novelty cheese shot glasses. They’re guaranteed to have your party roaring with laughter, so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. View Recipe

If you’re out of the loop, the strawberry frosé is one of the most popular wine cocktails out there and for a good reason. This frosé recipe makes the most of your rosé and dresses it up with strawberries, vodka, and grenadine. View Recipe

You didn’t think we forgot about our zinfandel fans, did you? This fun and freaky sangria recipe marries peach schnapps, white zinfandel, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice overnight for the best honeymoon ever. View Recipe

Get both your lemonade and grapes in this sexy wine cocktail recipe. It’s like a bright and bold vodka lemonade with extra adult fun because density is in play here with red wine coming out on top. View Recipe

We all have that friend that’s obsessed with jello shots, and if you don’t, you’re the Jello Shot Friend™. Peep this National Drink Wine Day jello shot recipe that jellofies wine, triple sec, and your favorite chopped fruits. View Recipe

Sometimes you just want something cute, and these rosé gummy bears are it. This technically jello shot recipe uses absolutely no water for the full rosé and strawberry vodka experience. View Recipe

This strawberry vanilla wine spritzer is for the boys too. Fragile masculinity is so 2000-late, and a night in of movies, fruity drinks, and pampering ourselves with our bffs is for everyone. View Recipe

For those not super into wine but still want to celebrate National Wine Day, check this fruity friend out. This mango strawberry moscato sangria gets an extra punch with both mango and strawberry rum! But if you don’t know where to get mango strawberry moscato, a popular brand rhymes with Jarbor Jist and is sometimes sold at Jal-Jart. View Recipe

The late Carol Channing would LOVE this wine cocktail recipe. Between its use of pink lemonade concentrate, moscato, lemon-lime soda, and RASPBERRIES, ain’t nobody getting scurvy up in here. View Recipe

Dessert wines are a thing, but why not push the envelope with dessert sangria? This strawberry shortcake-inspired pink moscato recipe gets that sweet treat just right with added whipped cream vodka and strawberry liqueur. View Recipe

Sparkling wine counts too, right? All wines are beautiful this National Wine Day, so why not enjoy a sparkling wine cocktail with tequila, orange juice, and a splash of grenadine. View Recipe

This fully loaded sangria recipe absolutely raids the produce section. The actual boozy part is pretty easy with white wine, triple sec, and raspberry liqueur, and the amount of berries and citrus in this bad boy will have you set on fruit for a month. View Recipe

Celebrate National Drink Wine Day with the best of our fermented friend because wine takes two forms in this wine and brandy cocktail recipe. Adding triple sec, ginger ale, and fruit makes this is one bad-ass wine cocktail. View Recipe