To squeeze just a little more pounding, chugging, burping fun out of National Beer Day, we thought it'd be cool to give you some ideas for a few bomb-style shots you can setup with your beer. We're not trying to put hard liquor between you and your beloved beer by the way, we just think you and beer may want a play partner.  
1. Sake Bomb  The Sake Bomb — one part sake, one part beer, one part excuse to bang on the table with your fists and chant like a crazy person. See recipe 2. MK-1 Grenade Bomb Shot   Just in case you want a bomb shot that sounds like something Arnold Schwarzenegger would use to kill the Predator, we give you the MK-1 Grenade Bomb Shot. See recipe 3. Bear Fight  This Bear Fight bomb shot is a great one to do with your friend who loves pounding and chugging just as much as you, but still prefers energy drink over beer for some unthinkable reason. See recipe 4. Irish Car Bomb  Yes, we know it's not St. Patrick's Day anymore, but people, you can do an Irish Car Bomb shot any day of the year. That is, if you can handle it.... See recipe 5. Corona Bomb  Finally we have the Corona Bomb Shot. Because if you're on the beach right now, what boozy combo could possibly be better than rum, a juicy pale lager, and a bit of lime? See recipe Do any of these beer-based bomb shots pique your interest? Or are you cool just sippin' on a damn beer and enjoying your day? Let us know in the comments! 

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