Cinco de Mayo is here and that means it's time to celebrate the Mexican Army's heroic defeat of the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 — not Mexico's independence day, as a lot of people usually think. Anyway, let's celebrate the French Empire getting its ass kicked by a smaller, less equipped army and the greatness of Mexico. ¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva la getting drunk!
1. The Cinco de Mayo Fishbowl First up we have this Cinco de Mayo Fishbowl, which combines tequila, beer, tajín, and fruits for a super delicious cocktail that tastes as sweet as Mexico's victory over the French Empire. Also, it has tamarind straws, which are basically delicious spicy Fruit Roll-Ups you can suck booze through. See recipe.  2. The Coco de Mayo Cocktail The Coco de Mayo Cocktail just looks like a little celebration in a glass, doesn't it? Look at that rim of toasted coconut shavings, it's like a little pretty hula skirt around the drink's head. Which doesn't make sense. Also hula skirts aren't Mexican. Anyway, the drink's amazing. See recipe.  3. Cinco de Mayo Party Punch If you're having a crapload of amigos over for your Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Cinco de Mayo Party Punch is the cocktail you need to make. This big pitcher of deliciousness mixes up tequila, coconut tequila, Triple Sec, lemonade, mango pineapple juice, and a ton of fresh, cut fruit for a drink just as refreshing as the idea of kicking Napoleon III in his grapes. See recipe.  4. Cinco de Mayo Cadillac Margarita Fishbowl Alright, here we basically have the Cinco de Mayo Party Punch on crack. This beast of a bowl contains a bottle of tequila, a bottle of Peach Schnapps, a bottle of Triple Sec, a bottle of sour mix, orange juice, Grand Marnier, and a bunch of sliced fruit. This is some heavy artillery, people. See recipe.  5. Mexican Sunset Finally we have the Mexican Sunset, which is a sweet tequila cocktail that mixes up Amaretto, Peach Schnapps, pineapple juice, grenadine, and cherries. We can only imagine that the Mexican army that the defeated the French would've enjoyed these bad boys as the sun went down after they were done kicking ass. See recipe.  Are you going to celebrate your Cinco de Mayo with any of these defiantly tasty cocktails? Let us know in the comments, gente! 

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