It's National Pizza Day, people, and if you need the perfect pizza cocktail, we have you covered with these five fizzy, spicy, and very boozy drinks. We also offer some pairing suggestions here, with five different pies that will maximize the saucy, sippin' delight delivered to your palate.
1. Michelada and Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza First up we have the Michelada paired with a pepperoni and sausage pizza. Yes, this combination sounds like a direct flight to heartburn town, but trust us when we say that these flavors go together surprisingly well. You get just the right amount of spice and lime from the Michelada to compliment the savory, smoky taste of all that crispy, cooked meat. See recipe.
 Image: Cassaendra 2. Frosty Bulldog Margarita and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza  Beer. Margarita. Pizza. You see where we're going with this, right? Try a Frosty Bulldog with a Chicago Deep Dish pizza and you'll be going deep into a world of mouthwatering tangs, cheeses, and tipsies. See recipe.
Image: bryan... 3. Electric Beach Water and Hawaiian Pizza  OK, we admit that the Hawaiian pizza is not for everybody, but for those folks who dig a little pineapple on thier pie, may we recommend the Electric Beach Water. Yes, this cocktail sounds like a description of an acid trip your friend took along the coast, but its zesty lemon lime and coconut rum mix helps to really bring out the playful flavors of the Hawaiian. See recipe.
Image: Steven Depolo 4. Aperol Mist and Carbonara Pizza  If you're sitting down with a Carbonara Pizza, you're about to embark on a very heavy, stomach-expanding endeavor. To accompany your little egg-tastic journey, try an Aperol Mist. It's light, lemony, and fizzy, and will help to move along that Carb-burg building up in your belly. See recipe.
Image: Edsel Little  5. Flaming Dr. Pepper and Jalapeño Mushroom Pizza  Finally we the Flaming Dr. Pepper and the jalapeño mushroom pizza. If you're going all out with jalapeños on your pizza, you may as well add a flaming bomb shot into the mix, right? Seriously, light a shot on fire and then have a pizza and watch your troubles melt away like so much gooey, stringy cheese. See recipe.
Image: arvind grover Pizza people! What are your thoughts on these combinations? Do you have any favorite pairings that you need everybody to know about? Hit up that comments section!
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