Think you're hardcore because you like to pound shots of Jäger with your bros or gulp Boilermakers at the local dive bar? Tipsy friends, there's hardcore, and then there's "disable that fire alarm over there, Karen, 'cause we're about to set sh*t on fire" hardcore. Yes, we're talking about flaming shots, and we have five that are so damn gorgeous and so damn flaming that all we can really say is that you need to try them before you die. Or, you know, before they kill you. 1. The Double Headed Dragon Beware the Double Headed Dragon Shot created by Lou the Bartender. This little bomb-lookalike spits hot fire, and Bacardi 151, from both its mouths. See recipe. 2. Blue Ghost Shots  Next up we have Blue Ghost Shots, which are kind of like those legendary Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shots in that they curdle like neuronal snot. Except these ghosts glow. (With fire!) See recipe. 3. Flaming B52 If you need to set something on fire right now and don't have a lot of patience for putting together a fancy drink, let us show you to the Flaming B52. It's tasty, it's simple, it could burn your eyebrows off if you don't pay attention. See recipe. 4. Bob Marley Shot  No woman no cry as long as you have this Bob Marley Shot in front of you. Why? Because you won't have time, honestly, something is on fire, please deal with that. See recipe. 5. Flaming Lime Drop Shots  Finally we have the Flaming Lime Drop Shots, which let you drop flaming 151-sugar cubes into your shots. Because be honest with yourself: Do you light enough sugar on fire day to day? Probably not. See recipe. What do you think about these flaming shots? Are you bold enough to ignite, blow, and pound, or is Fahrenheit 151 a little too hot for you? Let us know in the comments!
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