Here are seven New Year's Eve cocktail recipes that'll make your NYE 2019 truly special. No wait, it's the people who'll do that, these are just going to get you all tipsy so the memories are funnier.  1. Champagne Gummy Bears  Chew on these gummy gum gums soaked in champagne and feel decadent as a bright and beautiful future we can all believe in. What does 2019 hold? Dunno, but your mouth probably holds a lot of these gum-bros. See the recipe 2. New Year's Purple Shimmering Champagne  Does your champagne even shimmer, bro? No? Well, this New Year's Purple Shimmering Champagne does and you stir it with a stick of rock candy. That's some 2019 ish. See the recipe 3. Badass New Year's Champagne Punch  For a little over $50 you can keep you and seven friends the perfect level of tipsy all night long with this Badass New Year's Champagne Punch. It's fruity n' boozy, and perfect for boujin' on a budget. See the recipe 4. Champagne Jello Shots  Look at these Champagne jello shots and tell us these wouldn't make any NYE 2019 party more awesome. Go ahead and DM us with your argument if you want, you will lose. See the recipe 5. The Lava Lamp  The Lava Lamp is admittedly kind of gimmicky, but it still tastes great and is primo Instagram material. By the way, be cautious when you post and drink, people! See the recipe 6. A Goodnight Kiss  Hopefully you'll be getting a kiss from a boo at the stroke of midnight on NYE, but if not, we got you covered with this Goodnight Kiss cocktail. Or you can do both and do some three-way smoochin'. See the recipe 7. Cotton Candy Pink Champagne  Yeah, people, this is still Tipsy Bartender, so here's the recipe for Cotton Candy Pink Champagne. If there's one night out of the year when it's cool to mix cotton candy and champagne, it's New Year's Eve. See the recipe 8. Strawberry Champagne Slush  Finally we have the Strawberry Champagne Slush, the drink that will brain freeze you so hard you'll think time has stopped. It's great if you never want the big countdown to end. See the recipe Which one of these tasty NYE cocktail recipes will you be making for your party? Also, will your party have pizza? Let us know in the comments 'cause we don't have plans yet! 
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