Cocktailgate Part II: The Only Cold Weather Cocktails You Need for Your Next Tailgate Party

Written by Media Shop

September 27, 2022

When it comes to tailgating, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold drink while watching the game. But when the weather turns cold, it can be tough to find drinks that will keep you warm. That’s why we at Tipsy Bartender put together a list of the best cold weather cocktails for your next tailgate party! From spiked hot chocolate to Irish coffee, we’ve got you covered. So grab a few friends and get ready to cheer on your favorite team!

Some items that should be in your arsenal for cold-weather tailgating: Hot chocolate, coffee, whiskey, and Frangelico for starters. Oh, and that burner you’re using to heat up that food can be handy for cold-weather tailgate cocktails as well.

Used for centuries as a natural remedy to relieve cold and flu symptoms, this is also a great way to get your cold tailgate going before the noon kickoff. This bad boy will help you feel better with its vitamin c-rich juice, honey sweetness (perfect if your sore throat needs some soothing), and alcohol burn that helps numb the pain of inflammation in your nose or mouth—whatever it is!

Winter is here and with it comes the taste of warm cocoa. The perfect drink for those cold tailgate mornings? Red Wine Hot Chocolate. It’ll make your mouth water just by thinking about it! This incredible combination mix drinks up some yummy red wine into hot chocolate then tops off each sip with whipped cream before giving you an extra shot containing mini marshmallows and juicy pieces of chocolate syrup to maximize how good everything tastes together in one fell swoop!

When you’re looking for that perfect way to warm up when you can see your breath at the tailgate, why not try some hot chocolate? Whether it’s spiced or regular peppermint variety requires just one thing: Schnapps. To make this incredible recipe mix Irish cream with Peppermint Schnapps and enjoy! For an extra special touch add Andes Mints into whipped cream to top off your delicious drink before taking a sip after a deliciously smooth brew — you won’t regret giving them.

The most delicious, comforting hot chocolate you will ever have! Drink this to soothe your soul during a long day of tailgating and football. This Polar Bear cocktail is easy enough that even those who aren’t big drinkers can indulge in its warm embrace without feeling too overwhelmed by alcohol or calories.

A delicious chocolate drink with an Italian twist! In this supremely mouthwatering cocktail, you’ll find Irish cream and Frangelico mixed together as well as Hennessy cognac for that extra kick to enjoy before or after the game. To top it all off we’ve thrown in some milk to make your favorite winter warmer even better than expected.

The drinker’s ultimate chocolatey and coffee-tastic dessert. This is a cocktail that you can really sink your teeth into, with rich flavors blending together to make one perfect mixture of sweet treats! The Irishman starts off as any good party should – disclaimer: it contains alcohol (a lot). It consists mainly of chilled Frangelico®, which has an almost milkshake-like consistency before being mixed into our hot Nutty Espressoini® shots; another type altogether but just as delicious sounding liqueur in creaminess thanks also does its part by adding some extra richness dimensionally speaking on top.

You can get a little bit tipsy while indulging in this Amaretto Hot Chocolate. It has chocolate, vanilla vodka and amaretto mixed together for an extra special treat! Add some whipped cream to top it off like you would on your favorite sundae or just grate some almonds onto the side as well if that’s not enough of anything else goes down.

A must for any winter tailgate party, Mulled Wine is a great way to keep warm and enjoy the game. You’re bringing a burner to the game, you might as well use it for your tailgate cocktail. This drink is made by heating up red wine with spices and fruit, making it perfect for sipping on a cold day. You can find recipes online or in cookbooks, but we like to keep things simple by using orange juice, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. Just heat everything up in a pot and let it simmer for a few minutes before serving. And if you want to really get into the spirit of things, add a shot of brandy to each glass!

The Fireball Apple Cider is one of the most refreshing cocktails in existence, trust us. This beautiful drink combines cinnamon whiskey with crisp apple cider and sweet syrup before adding just enough kick from red apple slices that are doused in maraschino cherries to make this concoction look so sexy you won’t even want to chug its deliciousness — although we know our readers will ’cause there’s nothing like starting off an evening on a high note! And, better yet, if you’re equipped with heating mechanisms, warm those bad boys up!

Rum-soaked spiced apples, warm alcoholic cinnamon rolls. This drink is the perfect way to celebrate the fall spirit outside the stadium! In fact it’s so good that you’ll want one for every day of autumn– Ok maybe not technically “every” day but come on there must be an exception that doesn’t count as a meal or two?

A classic for a reason, the Irish Coffee is perfect for tailgating. It’s strong, it’s hot, and it’ll keep you warm all day long. Plus, it’s easy to make! Just add some Jameson whiskey to your coffee and top it off with whipped cream. If you want to get really festive, add a green shamrock garnish to each cup.

Irish coffee is one of the most famous cocktails in America. This delicious drink calls for Irish whiskey, cream cheese frosting (to make it rich), and hazelnut liqueur – but that’s not all! It also has your choice between heavy whipping cream or milk foam on top to give you an extra layer before taking a sip after a steamy swallow-down guilt-free. The classic Nutty Irish Coffee contains both breakfast flavors like black currents with brown sugar syrup mixed into them as well alcohol notes.