Here's something fun we stumbled on that's great for all you smelly folk: a whiskey-based deodorant that's supposed to make you smell fresh, and yeah, kind of like you splashed your pits with Bourbon. 

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The deodorant, made by a (literal) mom and pop shop in Loveland, CO, is called Pit Liquor, and its creation was basically a fluke. In an interview, Erica Feucht, the mom in this particular mom and pop shop, told 5280 that when she became pregnant, she and her husband, Jason, became wary of using commercial deodorants with potentially harmful ingredients, including aluminum compounds and formaldehyde. 
  As a random substitute, Feucht tried dabbing some hand sanitizer on her armpits, and to her surprise, it worked really well. That's when Jason, a materials engineer, suggested switching out the hand sanitizer for whiskey, as they're both basically ethyl alcohol. 

Here we are with Pit Liquor at #dailyblastlive with the whole team. This is a fun, dynamic space. So cool!

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After a year-and-a-half of tinkering, and one very successful Kickstarter campaign, Pit Liquor was born. It's totally organic and non-toxic — with ingredients like tea, denatured salt, and vanilla beans — and the company says that it's "crazy effective." 
And to prove that "crazy effective" claim, Jason hit the streets of Colorado so people could... smell his armpits.  After he hadn't washed them for six months.... Asking folks around the Tipsy office, it seems like there's a lot of trepidation around smelling even a little like whiskey, and the all-natural aspect doesn't seem to be a big selling point either. 
  But everybody agrees that once they actually smell the Pit Liquor, that may change their minds. (Also, Shina says she'd definitely go for a deodorant made of St. Germain liqueur.)  If you want to order up some of this pit-freshening whiskey goodness, you can do so here. Or, if you're really not down with the whiskey deodorant, but do want to try a whiskey mouthwash that you can also swallow, check out the delicious cocktail below. See recipe.

Images: Pit Liquor

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