In February of last year Ryan Reynolds, a.k.a. Detective Pikachu, became the "proud owner" of Aviation American Gin, a gin producer located in Portland, OR. Now he and the company have started putting out ads, and the first one perfectly spoofs that weird, super-wholesome, down-homey vibe that every booze producer tries to capture in their own commercials. Check it out: A few of the best things to note from the clip are the myriad dudes with gigantic beards ('cause beards = organic and natural), beating "the living hell" out of the Juniper berries with wood paddles, and the fact that the gin is serenaded by Sarah McLachlan. Fun fact: Both Reynolds and McLachlan are Canadian. That's as fun as Canadian facts get.
Also, apparently Reynolds has teamed up with Richard Branson to have Aviation served aboard Virgin Atlantic flights. Which really isn't that exciting 'cause everybody knows those little nips of wine are the way to go on airplanes, but we do have to admit that "AviaVirgination" has a hell of a ring to it. Have any notes for Reynolds and Aviation Gin on their first commercial featuring the blockbuster actor? Should the beards have been even thicker and longer? Check out some of our favorite gin mixed drink recipes and then give us your thoughts in the comments! 1. Blackberry Lemon G&T Check out the recipe for the Blackberry Lemon G&T. 2. Dead Reckoning Check out the recipe for the Dead Reckoning. 3. The White Lady Check out the recipe for The White Lady.

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