Berry Cocktails

Go wildberry for berry cocktails! Yeah, that’s right. We’re coming at you with the berry best. From seductive strawberry cocktails to bussin’ blueberry cocktail recipes, we have your superfood antioxidant flavored drinks at the ready! And whether you’re into simple drinks or fun and flirty spins on classics like the vodka cranberry, Tipsy Bartender has a recipe for everyone to enjoy. So take a little lookie, grab a glass, and let’s whip up some bangin’ berry cocktails!

Help! I’ve never had a berry cocktail! Where do I start?

As always, it depends on what you like! But all our recipes are berry good. Take a lil’ peek at our lists for some inspiration because our recipes are poppin', but it’s okay if you need a little push too. If blueberry cocktails tickle your pickle, try our Blueberry Mojito recipe. And for our strawberry cocktail fans, a Strawberry Bellini is perfect for any occasion, including brunch. But if you’re a diehard vodka cranberry lover, check out our fun and flirty spin on it: the Bay Breeze. Speaking of spins, we have some fun raspberry cocktail spins on things like our Raspberry Kamikaze recipe. Tipsy Bartender eats, sleeps, and breathes innovation, so we always have exciting new spins on classic cocktails for you to enjoy.

What are some classy berry cocktails?

Glad you asked, homeboy! A couple great berry cocktails you’ll probably see are things like the blackberry smash, which is a play on the whiskey smash. You may also see it called a bourbon smash, but as the name suggests, these recipes use bourbon whiskey. So feel free to check out our Blackberry Whiskey Smash recipe or our Blackberry Bourbon Smash if you’re more particular. Either way, these berry cocktails slap, and they feel fancy af without being too difficult to make. With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, y’all can make anything. Especially since you have our handy dandy drink recipes to follow. But don't feel too married to classy berry drinks, because there's no shame in getting a little freaky with a few blue raspberry cocktails too.