Brandy Shots

Pull up a chair and sit down because it's brandy cocktail shot time! This fragrant and delicious spirit is distilled from wine, so you know it's a good time. People traditionally drink it neat, but this is Tipsy Bartender, so we've got some wet and wild recipes for brandy shots just for you. Whether you're hosting a crowd or just want to shoot back a few sexified brandy shots, check out our Zombie Shot recipe. This apricot brandy bad boy combines gold rum, white rum, apricot brandy, pineapple juice, and passion fruit juice. Float a little dark and overproof rum on top and light your brandy shot on fire! Sometimes you just gotta rep Marvel and their absolutely gorgeous world building of Wakanda. Luckily, you can do that with Tipsy Bartender's Black Panther Shot! These powerful and aesthetic af brandy shots combine Hennessy, Alize gold, black vodka, and a sprinkle of Gold Luster Dust. It's as regal as the Black Panther suit with all of Shuri's upgrades. And as an added bonus, it's super instagramable. But if you can't find black vodka, try using regular vodka and black food coloring and let us know how it works out. For some sexy brandy shots that'll really knock your socks off, look no further than our recipe for our Super Shot. This wild user-submitted brandy drink recipe will f*ck you up with Everclear, 151 rum, and Hennessy. Whether you're a man, woman, both, or neither, this is one cocktail shot that is guaranteed to put some hair on your chest.    
Hold on, isn't Henny a cognac?
That's right, homeboy! But cognac is a type of brandy from the Cognac region of France. As always though, use what you like in your brandy shots. Cognac, apple brandy, apricot brandy, regular brandy, etc. We don't judge. Stay Tipsy!