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Are you tired of the same old liquor drinks? Fear not, Tipsy Bartender has got you covered with easy recipes for every type of alcohol imaginable!

Are you tired of the same old liquor drinks? Fear not, Tipsy Bartender has got you covered with easy recipes for every type of alcohol imaginable!

Yeah, we've all been there. Ready to party, but our liquor cabinet is pretty bare, so we have things we don't know how to mix. You may be looking at your leftover bottles and asking yourself what to mix with tequila or how to drink brandy. And those are pretty valid questions, homeboy. Or maybe you just really like certain types of liquor drinks like whisky and want to learn how to make your favorite whiskey cocktail recipes. We see you, fam. Classic cocktail recipes on LOCK. But ain't no shame in having a bottle of vodka and not knowing what to do with it. Because Tipsy Bartender has the best easy vodka recipes, and yes, we'll even show you how to make a moscow mule. So don't feel intimidated by that bottle of gin someone gave you as a housewarming gift over a year ago. We have the easiest gin cocktail recipes for you to enjoy. And if rum drinks are more your speed, hey, we have those too. Tipsy Bartender is all about a boozy good time. So whether you're wondering what to do with leftover beer, wine, or any bottle really, we have recipes for easy liquor drinks no matter the contents of your liquor cabinet.  

Yo, I have this bottle of vodka, but I don't know what to do with it. Got any bangin' vodka cocktail recipes?

You know we do, homeboy! Whether you're looking for a party jello shot recipe with vodka or tryna impress your brunch crew with the best screwdriver drink, we totally have your vodka recipes covered. And you can't forget the easy vodka drinks like vodka lemonade. Vodka cocktail recipes are all pretty easy to make drinks for the most part. Even our deliciously impressive moscow mule recipe is a great simple cocktail and easy to memorize.  

I LOVE tequila!! It's the only liquor my friends and I drink. But we're getting kind of tired with our boring tequila drinks.

That's no good! If you're at a loss of what to mix with tequila, have no fear! Tipsy Bartender's tequila recipes are sure to slap at your next party. Whether you're craving recipes for tequila shots or a simple margarita recipe, we have what you're looking for. And if you can't get enough of tequila drink recipes, check out our variations of our tequila sunrise recipe too.  

The rum isn't always gone in my house. It's usually the last to go! Do y'all have easy rum drinks I can make?

Of course! We have the best rum cocktails just for you. Whether you're into tropical cocktail recipes like rum punch or just looking for an easy rum drink, you can always count on Tipsy for a good time. We even have super fun rum shots if you wanna use the rest of that bottle. But you may just find that our rum cocktail recipes will become your favorite liquor drinks. Savvy, ay?  

Heck yeah! I'm a huge whisky drinker, but I usually drink my whiskey neat. I'd like to start mixing drinks though.

Well you're in the right place, homeboy! There are so many different types of this bad boy liquor. Luckily we have whiskey cocktail recipes no matter what your favorite type is. Without sounding too much like Bubba Blue, we got Irish whiskey cocktails, bourbon drinks, rye whiskey recipes, you name it. But if you're unsure where to start, you can always check out classic whiskey cocktails like our whiskey sour recipe or whiskey smash recipe. And for those who can't get enough whisky, try following our whiskey old fashioned recipe.   

I am literally so intimidated by gin liquor. Gin cocktails just seem so fancy, and I don't know if I can make them.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it! Especially when it comes to Tipsy Bartender recipes. Gin mixed drinks absolutely slap, we'll tell you that. And sure, they can get "fancy" like our gin martini recipe. But classic gin cocktails like our gin and tonic recipes are so simple. You could probably make them with your eyes closed. Just have a set of towels handy just in case. And for our loyal and experienced gin lovers, we see you too. Go check out our gin recipes because we have the best gin drinks around.   

Listen, I don't even know what brandy is or how to drink brandy.

Don't worry, homeboy! For a great brandy drink, peep our brandy recipes. Sure, it's an underrated liquor drink, but it's also more common than you think. Take your favorite wine cocktail for example. Whip up a great sangria recipe with brandy for your next event. But if you're interested in classic brandy cocktails, you can always peep our brandy alexander recipe. But if you really wanna know what to mix with brandy, check out our brandy drink list for yourself and let us know your favorite!  

Okay, I know that cocktail recipes are usually hard liquor drinks, but can you make wine cocktails?

Of course! It's booze, isn't it? You can make an easy cocktail recipe out of anything if you believe in yourself. And even if you don't believe in yourself, it's pretty hard to mess up Tipsy Bartender recipes. When it comes to wine, the world is our oyster. You have your red wine drink recipes, your white wine drink recipes, and your rose wine recipes! Everybody loves an easy sangria recipe no matter the color. And we can't forget our refreshingly easy rose recipe for the 'gram. Summertime isn't complete without one of our delicious wine spritzer recipes. But if you're looking for a warm and cozy wine drink, our mulled wine recipe will do you some good.  

Speaking of wine, what about sparkling wine or champagne?

We're hitting you with the bubbles, man! Serve up champagne drinks for your next event because we're poppin' bottles. Whether you're mixing up delicious mimosas for your brunch bae or toasting to a new job, you can't go wrong with an easy champagne cocktail recipe. But we all know that champagne is king when it comes to New Years drinks!  

I only drink beer, but I want to participate in all the festivities.

Everybody deserves to party, homeboy! So we have your beer cocktails on lock. You don't normally think of beer mixed drinks, but this is Tipsy Bartender, and innovation is our middle name. So whether you're looking for a refreshing cocktail recipe like a shandy drink or something a little harder with beer and liquor, we gotchu, fam. Beer and orange juice totes makes for an easy brunch cocktail that you and your crew can enjoy. So go forth and drink responsibly!
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