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Sip, sip, hooray! Let's get tropical with these delicious fruity cocktail recipes!

Sip, sip, hooray! Let's get tropical with these delicious fruity cocktail recipes!

Let your freak flag fly with fruity alcoholic drinks! Whether you're into tropical drinks with coconut rum or very berry mixed drinks, Tipsy Bartender is whipping up the finest fruity cocktail recipes for your pleasure. And what's better than letting loose while also getting in your daily dose of fruit? The food pyramid may be outdated, but we still know that it's good for you. And hey, who isn't trying to hit their macros these days? So get fresh and funky with your favorite fruity drinks!

I get that there's fruit, but what makes a fruity alcoholic drink?

That's an excellent question, homeboy! The best fruity alcoholic drinks are gonna be exactly that. They're going to be alcoholic and taste fruity. But of course there are different ways of achieving a cocktail's fruity taste. Tropical drinks tend to have actual fruit or fruit juice in them, especially if they're blended. That goes for citrus and berry cocktails too. But that doesn't mean things can't get a little more artificial. Coconut rums and many different flavors of vodka are pretty common and make for easy fruity drinks. So it really all comes down to the recipe, my friend. 

So what fruity mixed drinks would you recommend?

As always, it depends on what you like! If you like more citrus flavor for your fruity alcoholic drinks, you could check out a vodka lemonade recipe or even a margarita. But maybe berry cocktails are more your speed. You can always try a berry punch or a berry spin on a classic cocktail. Or if you're big on tropical drinks, pina coladas and daiquiris heckin' slap. Like our Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri recipe with pineapple, rum, simple syrup, and lime juice. This fruity alcoholic drink will have you feeling the ocean breeze or wherever your happy place happens to be. And for our friends and fans that love to have it all, check out our fruity and delicious tropical tiki drinks like our Hurricane Cocktail. But all we're saying is that it's your world, homeboy. And Tipsy Bartender is slangin' rad recipes in it.
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