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Gin Shots

Forget classy, get rowdy with our gin shots that pack a punch and come in flavors like WAP and AMF.

Forget classy, get rowdy with our gin shots that pack a punch and come in flavors like WAP and AMF.

Get wild with gin shots! They may be small, but your favorite juniper liquor shots are mighty. They're full of fun and flavor, so you know it's party time. Whether you're celebrating in liquid form or with gin jello shots, Tipsy Bartender has all the best gin recipes around. So take a peek at our adorable little list, grab your favorite gin, and let's whip up some dope af gin shots for your pleasure!  

Wait. Gin seems more like a classy liquor, not something you take shots of.

Well why not? It's your bottle of gin, homeboy. So you can do whatever you want with it! When it comes to gin shots, you can totes make smaller versions of your favorite gin cocktail recipes. We have a few scaled down gin drinks because we know our friends and fans. And some of y'all have commitment issues. But because everybody deserves to party, we're slangin' gin shot recipes for everyone to enjoy. Especially our baddies who can't hold down a relationship.  

Okay. You convinced me. What kind of gin shots do you have?

We're gonna hook you up with our WAP Shot first, homeboy. Because we're Tipsy Bartender, and we love all that seductive business. For our WAP Shot recipe, we use vodka, gin, coconut rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. It's sweet, juicy, and absolutely gorgeous. But if you're just tryna get lit af, you'll love our AMF Shot recipe. This bad boy is one of the scaled down gin cocktails we were talking about for our commitment issue friends. With vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and blue curacao, this gin shot is guaranteed to put you on your face. But if you're not tryna get that lit and still wanna enjoy a bite sized AMF, we have them as gin jello shots too.
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