Mini Margaritas

Hey, homeboy! It’s not always the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean, if you know what we mean. And we’re sure you agree. Margaritas can still pack a powerful punch in both strength and flavor even when they’re mini! So Tipsy Bartender is scaling things down because you gotta try something new every once in a while. And what better to go mini with than mini margaritas? They’re cute, they’re portable, and they give those mini Patron bottles you won’t throw away a glorious purpose. Margarita jello shots totally count too, so you can get your wiggly freak on tequila style.   

Mini margaritas? Like margarita shots?

They can be! But you gotta open your mind when it comes to cocktail creations, ja feel? Take our Frozen Mini Margarita Slushies for example. They’re the cutest margaritas you’ll ever see, and the recipe covers all your flavor bases. We blend ice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and agave to get that slushie goodness. And we used tiny mason jars, but use what you have because we serve the common man, people! But if that’s not your vision of mini margaritas, peep our Margarita Lime Jello Shots. They’re made with tequila, triple sec, and lime jello. And these sexy mini margarita jello shots are set in limes for that fun and flirty flair.  

Okay, but what is it I’m hearing about these mini Patron bottles?

They're exactly that! They’re the itty bitty 50 ml Patron bottles, and they’re too cool not to use for your mini margaritas. We use them for our Mini Pink Lemonade Margarita recipe because they’re so darn cute. These pink lemonade mini margaritas mix up tequila, triple sec, lime juice, pink lemonade, and grenadine. And they’re just way too perfect as little pregame shooters or after-dinner dessert cocktails.