Skittles Drinks

Craving a candy cocktail with your favorite rainbow bits? You've come to the right place because we've got Skittles galore. Whether you're craving classy Skittles infused vodka cocktails or casual Skittles drinks like our Skittles Smirnoff Ice, Tipsy Bartender's Skittles candy cocktail recipes will have you tasting the rainbow.  
Wait, what was that about a Skittles Smirnoff Ice?
Oh yeah, homeboy! We're bringing these bad boys to you by popular demand. Our Smirnoff Ice Skittles Bomb is our easiest sip-able Skittles drink for our Smirnoff Ice lovers. This easy peasy Skittles flavored malt beverage is so simple to make that you could practically do it in your sleep. Just drop about 15-20 Skittles into each Smirnoff Ice, and you're ready to party within minutes. But you might want to separate the Skittles by flavor first. If you're looking for a boozy Skittles beverage that bites back, peep our recipe for our Skittles Vodka Smirnoff Ice Bomb. This Skittles vodka cocktail bomb shot requires a bit of prep by first making the candy vodka infusion, but it's well worth it. Once you've got your infusion, get this Skittles drink started and drop a full shot glass into a pint glass half-full of Smirnoff Ice. That's right, homeboy. This is a glass half full establishment!
Got anything a little fancier?
Of course! This is Tipsy Bartender! We have everything! But what's fancier than a martini? To make things even better, our Skittles Martini recipe is as simple as it is delicious. So you don't need to feel intimidated. This sexified Skittles drink combines Skittles infused vodka, sweet and sour, and lemon lime soda. Delicious! For a more Skittles inspired cocktail, check out our recipe for our Liquid Skittles. This super fun mango rum candy cocktail combines strawberry daiquiri mix, mango rum, and lemon lime Gatorade.