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Espresso Martini

Before you sip on this Espresso Martini, discover its raunchy origin and variants, including the Salty Dog and Irish Espresso Martini.

What You'll Need

1.5 oz
Coffee liqueur
1 oz
1 shot


Coupe Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add ice to mixing glass and add vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso
Shake vigorously
Empty ice from shaker and strain mix through fine mesh strainer
Garnish with coffee beans
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More About This Drink

We'll get to giving you the details on the Espresso Martini’s surprisingly raunchy historical background in a moment, but first, here are some other classic vodka cocktails we think you'll love: the Salty Dog, the Lemon Drop, the White Russian, the Moscow Mule, and the Screwdriver. OK, now onto the Espresso Martini cocktail recipe, which at least a handful of resources say was created by Dick Bradsell in the late 1980s at a place called “Fred’s Club” in London. According to the Espresso Martini Wiki, the Espresso Martini was made for a young woman who wanted a drink that would “Wake me up, and then fuck me up.” Indeed Bradsell has said himself that he invented the Espresso Martini recipe for a model who delivered pretty much those exact words to him. Don’t believe us? Here’s a YouTube video of Dick Bradsell talking about how he invented the Espresso Martini recipe. Remember this drink was invented in the 1980s, not the 1890s like so many other classic cocktails. (People were apparently doing a lot of drinking and a lot of inventing in the late 19th century.) As a side note, Kettle One Vodka — who did not sponsor this espresso martini cocktail history — claims that Bradsell named the original recipe the Vodka Espresso and used the following ingredients: “vodka, sugar syrup, two types of coffee liqueur and freshly made espresso.” Kettle One also says that the Espresso Martini may also sometimes be referred to as the Pharmaceutical Stimulant. In terms of how the Espresso Martini recipe is made, it’s more or less just as a matter of mixing up vodka, coffee liqueur, one shot of espresso, and ice in a cocktail shaker, shaking that bad boy for the right amount of time, and then straining the mix out into your desired glass (nowadays it’s often coupe). Here’s the key thing though: the garnish is almost always three espresso beans, and those three said beans are almost always placed in a little clover pattern. Although Kettle One also notes that chocolate covered bacon, coconut, or a cherry are also acceptable garnishes that pop up from time to time. Side note: If you're not really so much looking for a brief history on the Espresso Martini, but rather just some more awesome variations on the classic Martini cocktail, then check out these bad boys: the Amaretto Espresso Ice Cream Float, the Irish Espresso Martini, the Cappuccino Cocktail, and the Meistertini. ESPRESSO MARTINI 1 1/2 oz. (45ml) Vodka 1 oz. (30ml) Coffee Liqueur 1 Shot Espresso Ice Garnish: Coffee Beans PREPARATION 1. Add ice to mixing glass and add vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. Shake vigorously. 2. Empty ice from shaker and strain mix through fine mesh strainer. 3. Garnish with coffee beans. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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