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Moscow Mule

Introducing the Moscow Mule cocktail, a refreshing and zesty drink made with vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and served in a copper mug.

What You'll Need

2 oz
Ginger beer
4 oz
Lime juice
0.5 oz


Basic Bar Tools


Add ice to copper mug
Pour over vodka and lime juice
Top with ginger beer
Garnish with a lime wheel and mint sprig
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More About This Drink

Before jumping into a brief background history on the Moscow Mule cocktail recipe, here are some other ginger beer cocktail recipes that are just as delicious: the Ginger Mule, the Mezcal Mule, the Blue Mule, the Root 56, and the Siren's Song. In terms of the history of the Moscow Mule, the Moscow Mule Wikipedia quotes a 1948 New York Herald Tribune article, which states that "The mule was born in Manhattan." The same Tribune article attributes the drink's invention to three pioneers, John G. Martin, John A. Morgan, and Rudolph Kunett. Supposedly the three 20th century fellows were chilling at Catham Bar in New York, when they decided to combine Kunett's brand of vodka with some of Jack Morgan's ginger beer and a splash of lemon. (We're not quite sure what Martin contributed to the drink's creation, but we'll give the man some recognition 'cause at least the dude was there.) You can't talk about the Moscow Mule cocktail recipe without talking about the fact that it's traditionally served in a copper mug. According to Moscow Copper Co., the copper cup became associated with the Moscow Mule cocktail when "[Sophie Berezinski]... immigrated to the United States from Russia and was carrying a heavy burden: 2,000 solid copper mugs." As Moscow Copper Co. tells the tale, the trio of men mentioned above were joined one day in the Catham Bar by Berezinksi, who was looking to sell her mugs. Martin, Morgan, and Kunett decided to use Berezinksi's mugs for their new concoction. This classic vodka cocktail is definitely one of our favorites, although if you can't stand the taste of ginger beer or a bunch of copper in your mouth, we have all these bad boys too. MOSCOW MULE 2 oz. (60ml) Vodka 4 oz (120ml) Ginger Beer 1/2 oz. (715ml) Lime Juice Garnish: Lime Wheel/Mint PREPARATION 1. Add ice to copper mug and pour over vodka and lime juice. Stir. 2. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wheel and mint sprig. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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