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Before diving into the sailor-ific history of the delicious Gimlet cocktail recipe, here are some other classic gin cocktails to check out: the Negroni, the Classic Gin Martini, the Tom Collins, the Singapore Sling, and The Aviation. As far as the history of the Gimlet is concerned, it most likely traces back to 19th century Britain. As Gin Foundry notes, British sailors needed to get rid of their scurvy and relied on lime juice to do so. But lime juice by itself tastes like pirate booty, so it was mixed with other things like rum and made into “grog.” One man, a rear admiral by the name of Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, decided to mix the lime juice with gin to make the taste of the former suck less. And bang, the prototype Gimlet cocktail is born. While this story seems to be pretty bulletproof in terms of how accurate it is, the Gimlet cocktail Wiki does note that the Gimlet may have gotten its name from the eponymous tool used for drilling small holes into things. Why? ‘Cause this bad boy has a “piercing” effect on its drinker. No joke, that’s (roughly) what the Gimlet cocktail Wiki says. Either way, this is a delicious, simple lime cocktail recipe that you need to try! Side note: If you're looking for more delicious lime cocktail recipes, check out these zesty mixed drink treats: The Lime Sherbet Margarita, the Key Lime-Tini, the Lime Drop Martini, the Key Lime Colada, and Lime Drop Shots.

2 1/2 oz. (75ml) Gin
1/2 oz. (15ml) Lime Juice
1/2 oz. (15ml) Simple Syrup
Garnish: Lime Wheel

1. Add ice to mixing glass and pour over gin, lime juice and simple syrup. Shake well.
2. Strain mix into glass and garnish with a lime wheel.

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