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Green Tea Shot

Looking for a fun whiskey shooter that tastes like green tea? This Green Tea Shot is perfect for parties and pre-gaming.

What You'll Need

Irish whiskey
1 part
Peach schnapps
1 part
Sweet & sour
1 part
Lemon lime soda
1 splash
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Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add ice to shaking glass
Pour in 1 part Irish whiskey
Add 1 part Peach schnapps
Add 1 part Sweet & sour
Shake well
Strain mixture into shot glass
Add a splash of Lemon lime soda on top
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More About This Drink

Before we get into a description of this awesome Green Tea cocktail recipe, here are some other related mixed drink recipes you'll probably dig: the Chinese Green Tea Lychee cocktail, the Green Tea Cosmopolitan, the Scooby Snack cocktail, Scooby Snack Jello Shots, and the Jameson Margarita. Even though this Green Tea Shot doesn't actually contain green tea, it still somehow tastes as if it does. This awesome whiskey shooter combines Peach Schnapps, sweet & sour, lemon lime soda, and Irish Whiskey, and is perfect for people who are just dipping their toe into the world of whiskey. This shot is perfect for all you Jameson drinkers out there too, because even though it has a bunch of ingredients, you can still clearly the taste the famous Irish whiskey flavor profile. These bad boys are perfect as party shots, pre-gaming shots, or just some fun little shooters to bust out with when you have friends over. GREEN TEA SHOT 1 Part Irish Whiskey 1 Part Peach Schnapps 1 Part Sweet & Sour Splash Lemon Lime Soda PREPARATION 1. Add ice, irish whiskey, peach schnapps and sweet and sour to a shaking glass and shake well. 2. Strain mix into shot glass and top with a splash of lemon lime soda. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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