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Henny Colada


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We'll get into a little background on this Henny Colada cocktail recipe, but first, here are some related Hennessy cocktail recipes you may enjoy: the Strawberry Henessy Island, the Hennything Is Possible, the Wolf Pack Venom, the Pimp Sh*t, and the Booty Clap cocktail. As far as this Henny Colada is concerned, it's one of the crazier, more delicious Hennessy cocktail recipes out there. This bad boy mixes up Hennessy, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, and caramel syrup, and is garnished with a cherry for some extra dessert cocktail vibes. By the way, Hennessy is, according to the Hennessy wikipedia page, "a Brandy house with headquarters in Cognac, France." So yeah, if you're drinking Hennessy, you're drinking Cognac, which is a kind of brandy.

1.5 oz. (45ml) Hennessy
1.5 oz. (45ml) Cream of Coconut
4 oz. (120ml) Pineapple Juice
Caramel Syrup
Garnish: Cherry

1. In an ice filled glass combine hennessy, pineapple juice and cream of coconut. Shake well until the cream of coconut is well combined.
2. Add ice to glass and drizzle over caramel syrup.
3. Strain mix into glass and garnish with cherry.

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