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Kamikaze Shot

Take a shot of the classic Kamikaze cocktail - vodka, triple sec, lime juice - and keep the party going strong!

What You'll Need

1 part
Triple sec
1 part
Lime juice
1 part


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Combine vodka, triple sec, and lime juice in a shaker with ice
Shake well
Strain mix into chilled shot glass and shoot
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More About This Drink

The Kamikaze is one of the most popular shots there is, so you can order it anywhere on the fly (see what we did there?). The Kamikaze Shot contains vodka, triple sec, and lime juice, and is pretty much guaranteed to keep the party from crashing. According to the Kamikaze wiki, which notes a Bevvy article, David Wondrich, a cocktail historian, says that the Kamikaze shot first showed up on the scene in 1976 and may have been the first-ever "shooter" drink. By the way, "Kamikaze" a Japanese word that literally means "divine wind". So think about that while you're drinking this Kamikaze cocktail! If you're digging this classic, check out these Kamikaze cocktail variations: the Blue Kamikaze, the Pop Rocks Blue Kamikaze, the Raspberry Kamikaze, the Strawberry Kamikaze Shot, the Strawberry Skittles Kamikaze, Blue Kamikaze Jello Shots, and Melon Kamikaze shots. KAMIKAZE SHOT 1 part Vodka 1 part Triple Sec 1 part Lime Juice PREPARATION 1. Combine vodka, triple sec, and lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake well. 2. Strain mix into chilled shot glass and shoot. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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