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Scooby Snack Shots

Rey, Raggy! Treat yourself to some of the most delicious creamy pineapple and melon rum shooters. You know, as a snack.


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These Scooby Snack Shots are some of the most delicious creamy pineapple and melon shooters out there. And the best part? They're based on the classic cartoon, Scooby-Doo! This is another one of those drinks with an unknown origin, but we can only assume that it was made by a big fan of Scooby Doo and delicious cocktails. This bad boy mixes up coconut rum, creme de bananes, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and whipped cream. It's also garnished with some whipped cream for some extra dessert cocktail vibes. The drink is based on the iconic Scooby Snacks, which Scooby-Doo producer William Hanna imagined tasting like some sort of a caramel-flavored cookie. While this sounds delicious, we have no idea how that recipe turned into this one. Maybe you can squirt some caramel syrup on top of the whipped cream garnish if you really want to emulate the original Scooby Snack. If you dig the taste and neon green appearance of these Scooby Snack shots, you'll also want to try the Scooby Snack Cocktail, the Zombie Scooby Snack, and the Scooby Snack Jell-O shots.

1 part Coconut Rum
1 part Creme de Bananes
1 part Melon Liqueur
1 part Pineapple Juice
1 part Whipped Cream
Top with Whipped Cream

1. In a shaker with ice, combine equal parts melon liqueur, coconut rum, creme de banana, pineapple juice and whipped cream. Shake well.
2. Strain mix into shot glasses and top with whipped cream.

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