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The Blue Jelly Fish

Dive into the craziest shot out there, The Blue Jelly Fish, a visually stunning mix of vodka, blue curacao, sambuca, and half and half!

What You'll Need

2 oz
Blue curacao
1 oz
1 oz


Shot Glass
Basic Bar Tools


Add blue curaçao to base of glass
Layer vodka on top of blue curaçao
Top with a layer of sambuca
Use a dropper to add a splash of half and half
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More About This Drink

The Blue Jelly Fish Shot or Blue Jellyfish Shot is definitely one of the craziest shots out there. Before we dive into why that's the case, here are some other sambuca cocktails you may enjoy: the Double Sambuca Bomb, the Absinthe with Leave, the Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick to the Face Shot, the Jelly Fish, the Flatliner Shot, and the Hiroshima Shot. In terms of where this Blue Jelly Fish comes from, it's hard to say. The Blue Jellyfish cocktail recipe went viral on the internet at some point, and now all we know is that it's caught on as one of the coolest little shooters out there. In terms of the recipe, this blue jelly bad boy calls for vodka, blue curacao, sambuca and... half and half. And yeah, we won't lie to you: this isn't the best-tasting shot ever. But dang does it look cool. Like, really cool. If you're looking for other awesome fun-looking cocktails that'll impress your friends, check out these brain hemorrhage cocktails. THE BLUE JELLY FISH 2 oz. (60ml) Vodka 1 oz. (30ml) Blue Curacao 1 oz. (30ml) Sambuca Half & Half PREPARATION 1. Add blue curaçao to base of glass before layering vodka on top. 2. Top with a layer of sambuca before using a dropper to add a splash of half and half. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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