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The Graveyard


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  1. Pour liquors into a glass and top with beer and stout. Stir to mix.

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You’ll get a complete rundown of The Graveyard cocktail below, but first here are some other very potent cocktail recipes that you’ll probably like: the Long Island Iced Tea, the Blue Jamaican Long Island, the Long Island Iced Tea Shots, the Japanese Long Island, and the Life Saver Long Island. Now, as far as this wild Graveyard cocktail is concerned, it’s hard to say exactly where and when it was invented. According to a Common Man Cocktails YouTube video, it was a user-submitted drink made for their channel. We’re not sure because Tipsy Bartender got it as a user-submitted cocktail as well. Either way, this insane bad boy combines vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, whiskey, Scotch, lager beer, and stout beer. Yes, that was a real list of ingredients. Obviously this is one of the strongest drinks ever and should be consumed with the utmost caution — seriously, drink The Graveyard one teaspoon at a time and wait like, 30 minutes in between each sip. Side note, if you like the taste of this drink, you may like these other potent beer cocktails.

Alcohols:Beer Gin Guinness Rum Tequila Triple Sec Vodka Whiskey