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Tommy’s Margarita


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Before we tell you all about this classic Tommy’s Margarita cocktail recipe, here are a bunch of other tasty margarita cocktail recipes that you’ll dig: the Jameson Margarita, the Pink Lemonade Margarita, the Raspberry Margarita, the Pink Cadillac Margarita, and the Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita. Now how about this Tommy’s Margarita? Where did this bad boy come from? Well, unlike so many other cocktail origin stories — looking at you, Zombie cocktail — this one is pretty simple: According to the Tommy’s Margarita Wiki page, the margarita recipe variation was “conceived in San Francisco in 1990 by Julio Bermejo at his parents’ restaurant called Tommy’s….” The Wiki goes on to note that “Bermejo had been recently introduced to agave nectar as an ingredient, and, although it was still expensive at the time, he used it to enhance the agave flavor of the cocktail instead of using triple sec to highlight the citrus flavor in the original Margarita recipe.” So what exactly is the difference between the Classic Margarita cocktail recipe and the Tommy’s Margarita cocktail recipe? Not too much, as you can already tell. Our Classic Margarita recipe calls for tequila, Cointreau (or Triple Sec), and fresh lime juice, while our Tommy’s Margarita calls for tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup. So when you think about the Classic Margarita recipe versus Tommy’s Margarita recipe, you really just need to keep in mind that the former uses Triple Sec while the latter uses agave syrup. Oh, and if the agave syrup part of this margarita recipe is the thing that really gets you excited, check out these delicious agave syrup cocktail recipes: the Raspberry Jalapeño Tequila cocktail, the Blackberry Tequila Smash, the Dragon Fruit Margarita, the Passion Fruit Strawberry Frozen Mojito, and the Margarita Sangria.

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