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Gin and Tonics
Gin and Tonics

The classic Gin and Tonic recipe is a simple cocktail, but don’t be fooled. The old G&T likes it fancy, and he likes to have it his way.

Don’t go stirring this into a margarita glass, and don’t overdo it on the tonic water (or the gin). Your drinkers tonight want a highball with style. It’s easy, but it needs to be balanced.

As far as proportions go, the volume of alcohol in a G&T can be about half. The general rule is two parts tonic, one part gin.

What Kind of Gin for Gin and Tonic?

There are four main types of gin you can choose from to get the right flavor and feel for your Gin and Tonic. London Dry gin, Plymouth gin, Old Tom gin, and Genever.

Genever is the original gin from Holland. It first appeared int the 1500s and has a rich malt wine taste. The richness makes it best for rich cocktails, like a Martinez or an Old Fashioned.

Slightly less rich, you could sub the Genever with some Old Tom. Old Tom was otherwise known as “bathtub gin” in an era when everybody was making their own.

London Dry gin is the English standard found in most G&Ts and martinis. Beefeater, for instance, is a London Dry gin. You’ll find notes of citrus and berry in these.

Plymouth gin is a special type of gin produced at only one distillery in England. This gin is dryer than dry, with more spice and citrus flavor – it was extremely popular with the British Royal Navy. Every bottle contains a small amount of water from the same reservoir.

If you want to learn how to make a Gin and Tonic the right way, you’re in the right place. We have a few other Gin and Tonic recipes you can check out once you get comfortable with the original.


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