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The Negroni recipe is an alcoholic innovation on the classic Americano cocktail. More than just Campari, vermouth and soda water, Negronis add gin.

Further, the Negroni cocktail recipe also trades a lemon peel for an orange peel. So it’s an extra dash of intensity on the hard side and the sweet side, a well-balanced drink.

The Italian classic traces its roots back to 1919. The story goes that a patron at a café asked for a stronger version of the Americano.

Not sure if that’s ultimately where it came from, but it’s what we’ve got. Otherwise, we know it’s named after the Negroni family, owners of the Negroni Distillerie, which started to bottle Negroni cocktails – true story.

This may be a simple cocktail recipe. But it leaves plenty of room for play.

For one, there are various types of vermouth you can use. You can sub the Campari for tequila. Some delicious dessert cocktails are also on the table. A Cardinale trades dry vermouth for sweet.

There are plenty more Negroni variations – the Americano is one you can make. Additionally, you have the Boulevardier, the Old Pal, the Dutch Negroni, and much more.

The Boulevardier replaces gin with whiskey. The Old Pal replaces vermouth wit rye whiskey. And the Dutch Negroni specifies a Dutch gin.

Tipsy Bartender’s got a few others – a Chocolate Negroni and Mezcal Negroni, for instance. That is, add chocolate or replace the gin with tequila.

You don’t even have to go with any of these. Maybe our Negroni recipes are your spring board for inspiration. At the very least, you’re going to have a classic Negroni recipe on your tool belt.

Simple cocktails will go a long way with your friends at that next party.

The best Negroni recipe awaits you. Have it your way, and stay tipsy…


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