It's time for Thanksgiving cocktails! The weeks-long tsunami of apple and pumpkin drinks was all for this. Give thanks properly with these delicious cocktail recipes in Thanksgiving 2020.

#12 Thanksgiving Sangria

Thanksgiving SangriaIf this isn't the best sangria recipe for thanksgiving, pluck my feathers and roast me. Gobble gobble! View Recipe

#11 Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Winter is coming. Maybe a thanksgiving cocktail with hot chocolate and pumpkin spice can slow it down. View Recipe

#10 Apple Pie Sangria

Okay, the best sangria recipe for Thanksgiving may have some stiff competition...View Recipe

#9 Apple Pie Jello Shots

Ever had an adult dessert table? It's never too late. Save some for Grandpa... View Recipe

#8 Grandma’s Apple Pie

Grandma's Apple Pie Oh, and Grandma also has her own apple pie drink. Carry on and get tipsy then ;) View Recipe

#7 Thanksgiving Mimosa

Thanksgiving MimosaThis is your anytime-in-November brunch drink. Spin your Thanksgiving cocktails into a tasty breakfast treat! View Recipe

#6 Thanksgiving Punch

Thanksgiving Punch This easy Thanksgiving punch recipe features pears and apples. Bob at your own risk!  View Recipe

#5 Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail

thanksgiving apple pie cocktail thumb Try this simple champagne cocktail if you've been looking for an excuse to bring out the fancy glasses. View Recipe

#4 Warm Apple Pie

warm apple pie Of all Thanksgiving cocktails, this is the closest you will get to an actual apple pie in liquid form. View Recipe

#3 Apple Pie on the Rocks

apple pie on the rocksThis one is a must-try AND it's only 3 ingredients! View Recipe

#2 Caramel Apple Pie Shot

caramel apple pie shotThis dessert shot is insanely delicious! Tip: don't skimp on the whipped cream and graham crackers. View Recipe

#1 Apple a la Mode

apple a la modePure cinnamon whiskey and vanilla vodka make one of the truest Thanksgiving cocktails you'll try all year. View Recipe

Something to Be Thankful For

Even in a tough year like this, there are things to be thankful for. Right now, we are particularly grateful for you, mixed drinks and the Internet. All these things come together in Cocktails 101. Learn mixology from the comfort of your own home. 
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