12 Snackalicious Mexican Drinks For Cinco de Mayo

Written by Lauren Ballard

April 30, 2021

We all feel that spicy Latin love for our south-of-the-border friends. So what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than combining our favorite tasty Mexican treats with fiestafied Mexican cocktails? Whether you’re in the mood for sweet, succulent, fruity cocktails, spicy bad boys with a kick, or even an awesome, explosion-worthy combination of both, Tipsy Bartender has sexified Mexican cocktail recipes that’ll make your Cinco de Mayo party one to remember.

Let’s get this Cinco de Mayo fiesta started with a Mexican Candy shot! This fun-size sweet spitfire is sure to bring up childhood memories while knocking your socks off with tequila, watermelon pucker, and hot sauce. View Recipe

If you can’t get enough agua fresca, this one is for you. This marvelous Mexican cocktail combines fresh watermelon juice, cucumber vodka, lime juice, and agave syrup for one hell of a refreshing beverage. Garnish with piña, sandía, pepino, and mango if you’re feelin’ fresh. View Recipe

For an extra special blended cocktail, checkout this freaky mango and chamoy bad boy. Clearly inspired by its name, this fun and fruity Mexican treat has a few secret ingredients: hot sauce and mango puree with a generous squeeze of chamoy. View Recipe

If you run outside as soon as you hear the candy truck, you’ll love this tamarind margarita recipe. For the most part, it contains classic margarita ingredients, but what makes it really special is the addition of sweet and sour tamarindo! View Recipe

For those who were turned on by the sweet and spicy Mexican Candy shot, you’re gonna love this pimped out, refreshing cocktail version. It mixes cucumber vodka, watermelon pucker, peach liqueur, sweet and sour, and tabasco sauce. View Recipe

We all know that girl in high school who ate Hot Cheetos for breakfast, but if you’re her, this one is for you. This crazy jello shot recipe combines Hot Cheeto-infused tequila with gelatin for one hell of a spicy jello shot. Top with one of our favorite crunchy Mexican treats for extra fun and flavor. View Recipe

Let’s get sexy with sandía this Cinco de Mayo! This super refreshing tequila cocktail blends hunks of watermelon, tequila, melon liqueur, and triple sec for a sweet and sexy watermelon bowl perfect for sharing. But only if you want to. View Recipe

This one is for all our Team Takis out there. This spicy bad boy shot requires a little DIY, but y’all can fill a jar with Takis and tequila, add lime to that infusion, and enjoy it as a fun and delicious shot you can tell your friends you made from scratch. View Recipe

Craving a visit from the fruit man? You won’t have to wait this Cinco de Mayo because all you need are hunky mango cubes, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and mango puree. And if you’re down for the full Mexican treat experience, don’t forget your chamoy and tajin. View Recipe

Craving the taste of a ripe, juicy peach? Shake up your margarita experience with a little peach puree and nectar. Oh, and don’t forget to rim your shot glass with chamoy and tajin, as a treat. View Recipe

There’s no way we’d forget about our dear paletas this Cinco de Mayo. Whether you’re making your own from our recipe or buying from your local paletero, enjoy this fun and delicious tequila watermelon Mexican treat. View Recipe

If you prefer to enjoy your cocktails with a snack, then you’ll absolutely love this juicy mango drink recipe. This super simple cocktail combines tequila, mango nectar, and lime juice. But the best part is that it tops it all off with a whole mango on a stick, drenched in chamoy and tajin. View Recipe

But maybe you go so hard that you’re anticipating a Cinco de Drinko hangover. Cure it all with this traditional Mexican mineral water hangover cure! View Recipe