18 Thanksgiving Punch Recipes for a Hassle-Free Holiday

Written by Michael Stenger

November 25, 2020

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These Thanksgiving punch recipes are perfect for any gathering, large or small. Try a Thanksgiving sangria or  Thanksgiving jungle juice, get cozy, and thank us later. We’ve got a whole selection of Thanksgiving cocktails to help you do it right this year.

It might not be a “normal” Thanksgiving. Maybe classic fall flavors like cranberry and apple can help…View Recipe

Warm up with some hot, spiced Thanksgiving wine, feat. oranges, cinnamon and cloves. View Recipe

The perfect party sangria recipe for people who are all about them apples. View Recipe 

It’s in the name. This fruity cocktail recipe is very good. View Recipe

They say the road to hell is paved with Thanksgiving jungle juice. But this flavor-packed party punch is heaven in a tub. View Recipe

Apples, pears and cinnamon sticks make a simple punch recipe that won’t disappoint. View Recipe

There’s a fire sale on jungle juice for your Thanksgiving party. It tastes like a million bucks. View Recipe

Sometimes, drinks just look better in blue. Try a blue jungle juice this Thanksgiving. View Recipe

If your goal is to get tipsy quickly – with an intense sugar rush – this party punch is your best bet this Thanksgiving. View Recipe

Names mean things. And this name stands for the fruitiest of alcoholic fruit punches. View Recipe

This simple Thanksgiving punch recipe in a simple package is a citrus miracle. View Recipe

Escape to Mexico with this margarita recipe. Give thanks for tequila. View Recipe

Mimosas are the perfect pre-game for turkey day. Get those vitamins. Spiked Mimosa Pitcher

Life’s really given us lemons this year. It’s enough for a lemony sangria pitcher. View Recipe

Apple, cinnamon and wine is the most “Thanksgiving” combo you can try this year. View Recipe

If you put tequila, triple sec and champagne in the same pitcher, they will come. View Recipe

If a sangria recipe says anything about you, this says you are simple, yet elegant. You are apple cider, fireball and amaretto. View Recipe

Don’t laugh. This pink lemonade sangria is serious business…HAHA. View Recipe