27 Sophisticated Martinis To Get You Feelin’ Fancy

Written by Lauren Ballard

June 14, 2021

Sophisticated doesn’t have to mean complicated. Because everyone deserves to feel like a million bucks! So get your fancy freak on with Tipsy Bartender’s super simple martini recipes. But if you’re particularly adventurous or wanna impress guests, we’ve hidden a couple mixology recipes on the easy side. So whether you’re celebrating National Martini Day or life in general, pour yourself a stiff one to feel as sophisticated as our favorite, fictional British spy. Oh, and if you’re wondering, National Martini Day is June 19th.

What’s sexier than the original martini recipe? This three ingredient gin cocktail is less than intimidating with gin, dry vermouth, and a dash of bitters. View Recipe

For a shake-able, two ingredient martini recipe to show off your muscles and impress your friends, this is it. Just shake up vodka and dry vermouth, and sexify your glass with olives or a lemon twist. View Recipe

This bloody bad boy involves a few more ingredients but nothing too difficult to find. Shake up vodka, blood orange juice, and a couple other things for a sophisticated and seasonal martini. View Recipe

Ah, oui. Ze French martini. It’s simply *chef’s kiss*. Anything French is automatically fancy and sophisticated, so sip on luxury with a glass of vodka, raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice. View Recipe

Another super simple yet impressively sophisticated cocktail. Because it’s just gin, simple syrup, and lime juice, this classy martini cocktail can be made low sugar for those with dietary needs. View Recipe

Another great recipe for National Martini Day because sometimes you need something to get jalapeño business. This gently jalapeño-infused vodka martini tops it all off with sparkling grapefruit juice. It’s a sparkler in your mouth, eh? View Recipe

Feel the luxury like Heidi Klum with this modelesque martini. Just shake up Chambord vodka, Chambord liqueur, lemonade, cranberry juice, and lemon juice. But if you can’t find Chambord or Chambord vodka, raspberry vodka and rapsberry liqueur will do. View Recipe

Have you always wanted to own a plane but probably never will? Feel like you can fly with this classy gin martini of maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, and creme de violet. View Recipe

Treat yo-self to this delicious dessert cocktail recipe because it’s worthy of a five star restaurant. Vanilla vodka, amaretto, Irish cream, and half & half make up the “cheesecake.” And for a little fruity action, raspberry liqueur bathes the bottom of the glass. View Recipe

If you wanna party like a political figure, this martini recipe is where it’s at. Because peak sophistication is just drinking gin straight. View Recipe

Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs to make a great cocktail. This delightfully textured baddie shakes up gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, and egg whites for a delicious and sophisticated beverage. View Recipe

For a more modern or even a futuristic looking martini, this three ingredient Midori recipe is where you wanna be. Melon liqueur, Cointreau, and lemon juice make for a fruity and fun cocktail leaving you feeling fancy. View Recipe

This jello shot twist on a classic martini is super fun and will have you living it up like Blake Lively in Gossip Girl. Just add your vodka and triple sec to your jello while keeping it away from Season 1 Chuck. View Recipe

Esssspresso, not expresso! This easy three ingredient martini recipe is the beans with vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. That’s like, even fancier than just espresso. So put that in your morning mug! View Recipe

This classy cocktail is probably what Isaiah Mustafa would drink. Sipping freshly muddled mint and cucumber with gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup will have you feeling as delicious as this former athlete and actor. View Recipe

Indulge your chocolate addiction with this chocolate martini recipe. This cocoa bad boy is chocolate heaven with chocolate vodka, creme de cacao, chocolate liqueur, and half & half. But feel free to use chocolate milk! View Recipe

This sake martini is as beautiful as it is delicious. The clarity of sake, vodka, gin, and triple sec along with the cucumber garnish say, “I’m fancy af,” and may just attract you a sugar daddy with a boat. View Recipe

What’s more sophisticated than cocktail onions in your martini? So what actually makes a Gibson a Gibson is those itty bitty little onions because otherwise, it’s your standard martini recipe! Cool, right? View Recipe

Just like 007, this martini is shaken, not stirred. With gin, apricot brandy, dry vermouth, lemon juice, and grenadine, this pretty, pink drink is fancy af. View Recipe

Just as anything French, anything Italian is automatically *chef’s kiss*. So we’ve taken the sophisticated martini and added an Italian flair with citrus vodka, limoncello, cointreau, and cranberry juice. View Recipe

This bad boy is arguably what put martinis on the pop culture map. The recipe is based on Daddy Fleming’s Casino Royale. Yeah. That’s right. Ya boy 007’s gin, vodka, and lillet. Shaken, not stirred. View Recipe

If partying like a monarch is your thing, you gotta try this crazy royal martini recipe. Rye whiskey, dry vermouth, pineapple juice, and a couple dashes of bitters make for a cocktail that got Queen Anne lit enough for her life to be bearable. View Recipe

Be a big baller like Hugh Hefner with this more vibrant and apple-packed martini. The appletini graced the inside cover of Playboy, so why not grace your tongue with green apple vodka, sour apple pucker, sour mix, and apple juice? View Recipe

What’s more suave than a little sweet heat? Vodka, cointreau, mango puree, passion fruit puree, lime juice, and a touch of sriracha seriously spices things up with that sweet and spicy combo. View Recipe

Get your fancy freak on with this caramel martini recipe! Vanilla vodka, caramel vodka, white chocolate liqueur, half & half, and caramel syrup make up this delicious dessert cocktail just dripping in liquid gold. View Recipe

This one is a crazy good mixology martini reserved for special occasions like National Martini Day, but maybe you’re just bougie af and wanna take a whack at it. The Persian-inspired cocktail combines yellow Chartreuse, Mezcal, rose syrup, saffron bitters, and more. View Recipe

If you’ve ever wondered what a millionaire drinks, this martini probably isn’t it. But it sure is fun to imagine. Bourbon, absinthe, grand marnier, grenadine, and an egg white does sound pretty fancy though. View Recipe