To be faded or to be tipsy: that is the question people in Aspen, Colorado are grappling with now that marijuana has been legalized in the state for over three years. And apparently, the answer for a lot of members of what's often called a retreat for billionaires is to be faded, as bud sales topped booze sales in the little municipality for the first time ever. Yes, it's a dark day for liquor as The Aspen Times reports that sales of the stinky nug hit $11.3 million in revenue in 2017 compared to $10.5 million for alcohol, accounting for about 1.5% of the $730.4 million in total revenue made from all of Aspen's retail sectors combined.

                                        via Giphy  The Aspen Times interviewed a few folks who work in the liquor and pot industries in the community of around 7,000 people, including Matt Kind, a Boulder entrepreneur and host of the CannaInsider podcast who said "people are looking for something different from alcohol, which is essentially poison...[whereas] marijuana is botanical. I don't say that with judgment, but you feel some lingering effects with alcohol." Kevin Dunkelberg — love that name, Dunk! — of Carl's Wine Cellar told The Aspen Times that he thinks "People have always like[d] both." We have to point out that while liquor store sales were surpassed by dispensary sales, liquor itself, sold in restaurants and bars, accounted for $130 million in revenue or %17.5 of total revenue. But it's still hard to say exactly what's going on here in terms of trends, so let's see how our own Skyy John feels about these figures: And Mr. John may be on to something considering the fact that according to a Georgia State University study, states with legalized medical marijuana have recorded a 15% drop in alcohol sales. So... stay tipsy? Or faded? That's still the question, and we want to know what you think is the answer in the comments! Also, here are a few marijuana-inspired drinks and treats in case you're in the mood for celebrating both of these recreational substances: See recipe. See recipe. See recipe.

Image: Flickr / Simon Cocks, Interiorrain

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