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Looking for a drink that satisfies your sweet tooth? Our candy cocktails, caramel drinks, and cinnamon mixed drinks are sure to hit the spot.

Looking for a drink that satisfies your sweet tooth? Our candy cocktails, caramel drinks, and cinnamon mixed drinks are sure to hit the spot.

Craving a certain flavor but aren't sure what to make? We've all been there, homeboy, so know you're not alone. Sweet alcoholic drinks are the best of both worlds because they tend to pack a boozy punch. But if that's too broad a category for you, you'll probably like our fruity mixed drinks or tropical cocktail recipes. Or maybe you're one of those weirdos that really loves sour cocktails or bitter drinks. Sure, we may have just called you a weirdo, but we respect that and your lifestyle enough to give you your own category. So grab your favorite glass because no matter what drink you're craving, Tipsy Bartender has done the work for you with our drinks by flavor!  

I'm down with the sweetness, but can you get a little more specific?

Nah, that's asking too much. Just kidding, homeboy! Of course we can! For those with the ultimate sweet tooth, check out our candy cocktails. These sugary sweet bad boys are tons of fun and super easy drink recipes. Be sure to check out our variations on the cotton candy cocktail. You should also take a peek at our collection of caramel cocktails and nutella drinks. Our Spiked Nutella Hot Chocolate is especially delicious. You also can't go wrong with one or a few cinnamon drinks. Whether you're sipping on a Cinnamon Toast Crunch drink or mixing up Fireball whiskey or Rumchata, cinnamon drinks are a heckin' good time.   

Okay, but aren't fruity drinks also sweet?

Typically, yeah. It depends on your fruit, but fruity alcoholic drinks tend to be on the sweeter side. Your berry drinks like blueberry cocktails and strawberry cocktail recipes are berry delicious. And we all love a little watermelon during the summer. Watermelon cocktails usually use watermelon vodka, but we also have watermelon drink recipes that both use the tasty melon bits and the rind like our Watermelon Sangria Bowl. You definitely don't want to sleep on orange juice cocktails because you might just find our Screwdriver drink as your next party favorite. Tropical drinks are also full of sweet and fruity deliciousness. When you think of tropical cocktails, you probably think of coconut rum and pineapple juice cocktails. But this is Tipsy Bartender, so the sky's the limit.  

So what about those sour cocktails and bitter drinks you were talking about?

Well, we knew you were coming. There's a whole category of sour drinks that usually have a base liquor, lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener. You know what we're talking about: the Whiskey Sour and such. Citrus cocktails in general are usually pretty sour. Lemon juice cocktails like the Lemon Drop Shot pack a punch of lemony goodness, and you can't forget about the good ol' vodka lemonade. Lime cocktails like our Gimlet recipe and tequila drinks are bussin' too. When it comes to bitter drinks, you might think of the ingredient bitters. Which is a fine ingredient, but coffee cocktails and coffee liqueur drinks like our White Russian drink and Espresso Martini recipe will give you a deliciously bitter buzz.

What if I want nuts in my mouth?

Y'all be nasty with the way you phrase things sometimes, homeboy. But yes, we do have recipes for almond and peanut butter cocktails. When it comes to almond cocktails, you're going to see more amaretto drinks because it's an almond liqueur. Amaretto drink recipes can vary because it's so versatile, but for an exceptional amaretto cocktail, check out our Toasted Almond Cocktail recipe. But if you just can't let go of Mr. Peanut's death, toast to his legacy with a peanut butter cocktail. Our PB & J Old Fashioned recipe uses peanut butter whiskey for the best nut you'll ever have.  

Alright, I'm looking for some heat. Whatchu got?

If you're looking to pack some heat, we gotchu. Spicy cocktails like our spicy margarita recipes are underrated and underestimated. You also gotta sometimes go literal. Hot cocktails like our Mulled Wine recipe are best enjoyed warm, and legend has it that a Hot Toddy or two will cure a cold. But if you want to more simulate spice, we also have spiced cocktails like our ginger and pumpkin cocktails. PSL is the name of the game during fall, so why not enjoy some fall alcoholic drinks? Our take on the pumpkin martini will have you reaching for your favorite cozy sweater and Uggs. But if you're not ready to let go of summer, ginger beer cocktails like our Moscow Mule recipe can -- and should -- be enjoyed all year round.
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