Drinks by Ingredient

Ever wonder what kind of boozy goodies you stock your home bar with? Well of course it depends on what kind of drinks you like to make, homeboy! For our friends and fans down to clown with simple drink recipes, you probably want to stock up on your favorite liquor and mixers like club soda or fruit juice. But if you’re practicing to be a bartender, you definitely want a fully stocked bar with all sorts of liqueurs like blue curacao and Baileys Irish cream. Like we said, it really all depends on what kind of mixed drinks or cocktail recipes you like to whip up. So whether you’re a vodka and orange juice type of person or strive to be a master mixologist, Tipsy Bartender has fun and fire af drink recipes by ingredient that anyone can follow.  

Help! I just turned 21! What’s the difference between a liquor and a liqueur?

We gotchu, homeboy! You just got your drinking permit, so we’ll learn you a thing or two. A liquor is a distilled alcohol, usually with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 40% or higher. That also comes out to 80 proof or higher. Yeah, we know. There are a couple different ways of measuring things when it comes to booze. The important thing you need to know is that the higher the numbers go, the more alcohol is in the spirit. But liqueurs are sweetened liquors, usually with a lower ABV. Jagermeister is technically a liqueur because it’s a sweetened and flavored herbal spirit. But it’s built up a party reputation because of how fun jager bombs are to make and drink.  

Okay, I think I got this. But what types of liquor are there?

There are six main liquors, my friend. Whiskey, vodka, and gin are all distilled from grain alcohols. Obviously in different processes because each of the six liquors has its own distinct flavor. Tequila is distilled from agave, rum from sugar cane, and brandy from wine. Most people have a favorite liquor or something they stock up on. So what you keep in your home bar depends on what you want to have around and make the most of. For instance, if vodka drinks are your thing, you’ll obviously have vodka around but also maybe coffee liqueur and cream to make a White Russian drink. And if you’re a lover of sangria recipes and brandy drinks, you’ll probably keep a bottle around. There are also different styles of certain liquors like with tequila and whiskey. Try them and see what you like because you’ll absolutely notice the difference between things like Jameson whiskey and Jack Daniels whiskey. You’ll even find flavored spirits like an assortment of flavored vodkas and things like Fireball whiskey. The options are limitless. And for our fans of tropical flavors, definitely check out our Malibu drinks because you’ll love that sweet, sweet coconut rum.  

Heck yeah! I’m learning! So is there a difference between a cocktail and a mixed drink or are they the same thing?

Excellent question! Cocktails and mixed drinks are different. A mixed drink has typically two ingredients: liquor and mixer. So let’s take one of the most popular rum drinks: the cuba libre. You might also know it as a rum and coke, and its ingredients are exactly that. But if you’re craving a cocktail and wondering what to mix with tequila, just remember that things that grow together go together. If you have tequila, triple sec, and lime juice around, you have yourself a cocktail! A margarita to be exact. Because a cocktail has three or more ingredients: usually a liquor, liqueur, and mixer. Other simple gin drinks like gin and juice or gin and tonic are also mixed drinks. But don’t worry, not all mixed drinks are named after their ingredients. You can make mixed drinks like screwdriver drinks and mimosa recipes. And some cocktails have ingredients in the name like the midori sour. The world of booze is wild, but that’s what makes it fun.  

Alright, so we’ve covered liquors and liqueurs, but what about mixers?

Mixers, let’s gooooo! When it comes to alcohol mixers, your options are limitless, and we’re not joking. Even classic cocktail recipes have ingredients you might think are unconventional. Our classic bloody Mary recipe has hot sauce in it, and it’s delicious! But more popular alcohol mixers are gonna be soft drinks like club soda, cola, and lemon-lime soda. There are also orange juice cocktails like our tequila sunrise recipe. You can also make pineapple juice cocktails or use any other juice for our juice lovers or people trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Other alcohol mixers you might want to keep in your at-home bar are sour mix or even margarita mix if you like both citrus and convenience. Grenadine is also a popular non-alcoholic syrup used in cocktails both to sweeten drinks and give them a beautiful color. So whether you’re trying to find the best vodka mixer or experimenting on your own, take a peek at Tipsy Bartender’s cocktail ingredients because you’re sure to find something you love.